Icon documentaries, special guests planned for remainder of Desert Film Society’s 2022 schedule

You may think you watch a lot of movies, but chances are Beth Ellen Fromm will win first place in this competition.

She goes to the movies every Friday night, a childhood tradition, so she has at least 52 movies under her belt. As executive director of the Desert Film Society, she also previews around 300 films from festivals around the world until she finds the 24 that will make the cut for that year’s program.

“It turned out that I liked almost 360 movies that year,” Fromm recalled. “As you know, some of them are worth watching, and some of them are really…bad.”

It’s hard work on the brain and eyes to keep track of so many different characters, plots, and twists, but when you’re trying to deliver a diverse slate of foreign films and documentaries each year through the Desert Film Society, someone has to do the heavy lifting. .

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