I Used To Be Famous (2022) – Everything We Know About The Movie

This article discusses the Netflix movie I Used to Be Famous (2022), including the premise, release date, cast, and trailer.

In 2015, writer-director Eddie Sternberg won multiple awards on the UK festival circuit for the short film used to be famous. Fast-forward to today and the full version of the film is about to premiere on Netflix after a brief limited theatrical release. The film tells a moving story of the unlikely friendship between a former pop star and a young drummer protégé with autism.

used to be famous premise

According to Netflix’s synopsis, I Used to Be Famous is about: “A former boy band star unexpectedly gets a second chance at success when he forms a bond with a talented young drummer.”

Our take on the premise

Described by Sternberg as “more sincere than corny”, the film seems determined to reach the viewer’s heart. We are preparing for a tearjerker comedy drama. The film can give an insight into what happens to people who found fame at a young age before being spit out by the cutthroat entertainment industry. The title character never really made it past his teens and spends his adulthood unsuccessfully performing on the streets of Peckham. Movies about unlikely friendships have already been made, but the faded angle puts an interesting spin on the genre.

I Used to Be Famous (2022) release date

The film will premiere on Netflix on September 16, 2022.

used to be famous to emit

Here is the main cast:

  • ed skrein
  • leo long
  • Eleanor Matusura
  • stanley morgan
  • Eoin Macken
  • Lorraine Ashbourne
  • Neil Stuke
  • Kurt Egyiawan
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the production team

Here’s the team behind it all:

  • eddie sternberg
  • Zak Klein
  • Paul Grindey
  • James R. M. Hunt
  • Damian Jones
  • Collie McCarthy
  • Christopher Pencakowski
  • John Palfery Smith

Is there a trailer?

Sure there is! Check it out below:

The trailer for I Used to Be Famous seems to reveal the entirety of the plot. Still, if you’re not expecting mind-blowing twists to your light-hearted entertainment, this movie is worth watching at least once.

used to be famous soundtrack

The trailer features the song Fever To The Form by Nick Mulvey. The soundtrack features original music performed by Hannah Reid and Dan Rothman.

where to look used to be famous online

You can watch this movie with a Netflix subscription.

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