‘I Came By’ Trailer – Babak Anvari’s new movie just hit Netflix today!

The horror streaming service SCREAMING BOX now powered by Bloody Disgusting, and we’re happy to tell you that the next SCREAMBOX Original is PussyCakea gore-fest from Argentina that is now transmission!

With reverence for many of the ’80s classics we love, including Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead(!), paul peersPussyCake promises monsters, interdimensional travel, great music and of course a lot of gore!

In the film, a struggling all-girl rock band embarks on a new tour, hoping to rekindle their popularity. However, things are off to a rocky start when they show up to their first concert to find the town deserted. After drawing attention to horrors beyond our reality, the band realizes that being forgotten by their fans is the least of their problems.

SCREAMBOX features a wide mix of content for casual and die-hard horror fans alike. The service is updated monthly with content from the company’s extensive genre library of movies and episodes featuring every type of horror imaginable: supernatural, slasher, zombie and more. Screambox is available to stream on iOS, Android, Prime Video, YouTube TV, Comcast, and screambox.com.

Halloween is coming! PussyCake joins the already massive roster of SCREAMBOX Originals/Exclusives that includes Terrifier 2, Deep Fear, All Jacked Up and Full of Worms, Story Game, Welcome to Hell, PussyCake, Pennywise: The Story of IT, Suicide Forest Village, History of the Occult, When the screaming starts and the uncut edition of Satan’s Little Helper!

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ScreenAnarchy raved about PussyCake from the Fantaspoa premiere, calling it “pure, uncut Midnighter fodder”, adding that it is “absolutely frenzied, manic, absurd and off the charts!”

It was then screened at the Chattanooga Film Festival, where it received much praise.

Daily Grindhouse calls it “the women’s midnight zombie movie you didn’t know you needed,” adding that it’s “a gloriously grotesque mix of Josie and the kittens Y Evil Dead.”

Eric Langberg posted a review on Medium, calling PussyCake “a punk-rock gorefest for all ages”, and exclaiming that it is “Slide satisfies Josie and the kittens satisfies 28 days later satisfies goreman psycho.” And he adds: “As the children say… this movie sucks”.

“I want to see this in a crowded theater or drive-in theater and just hear the audience go wild over this,” writes Bands About Movies, who also joked, “I can only imagine the budget of hot water and cool towels that this movie has. I had”.

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