I Came By: Netflix Horror Finale Offers a Ray of Hope

We know that Blake has held at least one young man hostage in his custom basement. When Toby breaks into Blake’s house, he sees the guy beaten up and half naked, and returns hoping to rescue him. I came for It looks like it’s going to be a movie about angry young Toby, whose relationship with his mother is troubled and who has absolutely lost faith in a world he sees as corrupt, going up against Blake, rescuing his captive and proving to the world that he worth something

But this is not that movie. In the film’s first big twist, Toby slips and Blake hits him over the head with a cricket bat.

Later, we get a glimpse of a possible motivation for why Blake is the way he is, or at least where his murderous urges first arose. Blake had a terrible father with whom he did not have a positive relationship. Blake’s colonialist father (Toby references this earlier in the film) hired a young Parsee named Ravi as his ‘helper’ whom he eventually took under his wing and then into his bed, usurping his wife and child, whom he abandoned. , which eventually led to his mother’s suicide: Blake was the first to find his mother dead.

Blake tells his latest victim, an Iranian man named Omid (Yazdan Qafouri), that he then beat Ravi to death, starting his murderous obsession.

Why asylum seekers?

Possibly because he is a huge racist. Possibly because of his memories of Ravi and his terrible racist father. But also probably because he is an opportunist. Known as a defender of asylum seekers, he has access to these young people, he can ask questions to know how much his disappearance will be noticed and, for example, in the case of Omid, who he drugs, but manages to escape, he can manipulate. with threats to speed up or delay his asylum application. Omid will not go to the police for fear that it will affect his application. In this way, the very people who are supposed to protect him are the ones putting him at risk and, in this case, murdering him. As a detail in a thriller it’s fine. As the reality we are currently living is incredibly worrying.

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How many people has Blake killed?

It’s unclear if he’s had victims before the man Toby finds, but it seems Blake’s modus operandi is to capture and hold a prisoner to torture him (and God knows what else, but there’s a very clear sexual undertone here: Bonneville is playing against the type). he’s lasciviously creepy, soft-spoken and correct in a way that gives him goosebumps). When he realizes Toby is after him and finally captures him, Blake has no choice but to destroy the evidence. He kills the two men and cleans out the dungeon room, so when the police arrive at the behest of Toby’s mother Liz (Kelly MacDonald, heartbreaking), the place is clean. Even though PC Hunter (Marilyn Nnadebe) is incredibly suspicious of Blake and realizes the peephole is going the wrong way, they can’t charge Blake because of his connections. He even does a sly dig, closing the door for a second and whispering ‘is that all you got? I thought you were one of the ones ready to make fun of her.

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