Hyundai targets millennials, Gen Z with retro tie-in to Netflix

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  • Hyundai Motor Company has partnered with Netflix to provide various retro models from the 1980s and a location for a car chase in the new movie “Seoul Vibe,” according to a statement from the company. The automaker will also reveal the silhouette of its new Grandeur (Azera) model in a digital ad themed for the film, which Netflix released on August 26.

  • Additionally, Hyundai recreated the garage featured in the film on the Zepeto metaverse platform, where consumers can assemble and drive the vehicles featured in the film, meet a non-player character (NPC) version of a character from the movie and participate. a vlog event.

  • Hyundai’s marketing campaign across digital channels sees the automaker targeting millennial and Gen Z consumers and comes as Netflix looks to work with marketers ahead of the launch of its ad-supported tier.

Diving information:

Hyundai’s partnership with Netflix around the new action movie “Seoul Vibe” uses various channels and tactics that are popular with marketers looking to engage with millennial and Gen Z consumers.

“Through close collaboration with Netflix from the earliest stages of production, we strive to bring a unique atmosphere to our historic vehicles and locations with a newtro (new + retro) vibe that will appeal to all generations, including millennial audiences and Gen Z”. Thomas Schemera, executive vice president, global marketing director and head of Hyundai’s customer experience division, said in the press release.

“Seoul Vibe” is set during the 1988 Seoul Olympics and features a car chase, making it perfect for the South Korean automaker. For the film, Hyundai provided a filming location and various models, including the first-generation Grandeur (Azera), the Pony Pickup truck, the Porter pickup, and vintage sedans such as the second-generation Sonata, Stellar, and Cortina. In addition to being period appropriate for the film, the cars tie into ’80s nostalgia popular with millennials.

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To promote its upcoming Grandeur (Azera) model, Hyundai launched a cinematic digital commercial that revolves around the story of the film, introduces the cast and highlights the evolution of the model. The video is available on YouTube and Instagram, expanding the reach of the campaign beyond the exclusive limits for Netflix subscribers.

Beyond the video content, Hyundai dives into the metaverse with an activation on the Zepeto platform that allows consumers to build and drive vehicles from the film, interact with an NPC version of one of the film’s characters, and join a vlog event. The elements of the activation show how some marketers are exploring the metaverse, especially with the rise of virtual brand personas.

Hyundai is the latest brand to use Netflix’s product placement capabilities. Coca-Cola and Lacoste recently built brand equity by appearing on the platform’s smash hit “Stranger Things.” Until now, product placement has been the only way for marketers to engage with Netflix viewers, though the platform plans to launch a long-awaited ad-supported tier in early 2023 with ad tech and sales partner Microsoft.

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