Hunting upgrades its ControlFire well drilling technology

HOUSTON–(COMMERCIAL WIRE)–Titan Division of Hunting Energy Services, a subsidiary of Hunting PLC, the international energy services company, today introduced ControlFire Perf+ Panel™ and Perf+ Logger™ software.

This new generation of ControlFire® software and hardware enhancements to ControlFire perforating panel technology for oil and gas well perforating operations.

The ControlFire Perf+ Panel™ combines Hunting’s shooting power supply, data acquisition and ControlFire® controls in a single rack-mount panel that conveniently integrates multiple surface systems into a single compact package. The new system also introduces design improvements and new features.

The Perf+ Panel system increases communication speed and reads detonator resistance downhole when used with ControlFire Recon™ products. It also introduces new automation capabilities during ControlFire operations that reduce human error and streamline the “on-the-fly” firing process. This allows the user to focus on winch control, line tension and other critical parameters while the tripping processes are automated.

The new companion to the Perf+ system, Perf+ Logger software, seamlessly interfaces with existing depth systems to generate an easy-to-use log for perforating operations. By incorporating the perforation panel and data processing into a single unit, Perf+ Logger software can automatically plot perforation indications on the perforation log, providing real-time perforation depth records needed for well data analysis.

Hunting’s perforating technology is available through Hunting’s network of strategically located distribution centers throughout the world’s oil-producing regions.

about hunting

Hunting PLC is an international provider of energy services to the world’s leading oil and gas exploration and production companies. Established in 1874, it is a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company maintains a corporate office in Houston and is headquartered in London. In addition to the UK, the company has operations in Canada, China, Indonesia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and the United States of America.

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The company’s Hunting Energy Services Titan division designs and manufactures perforating systems, wireline selective perforating systems, cased-hole logging instruments, nuclear detectors, power and associated wireline hardware and accessories.

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