How to Make a Pancake Spaghetti TikTok Recipe at Home for a Viral Breakfast

TikTok and pancakes are no strangers to each other. If you’ve been on the app long enough, you may remember when pancake cereal was the viral foodie trend that took over FYP. Well, now TikTokers have ditched the cereal and are making spaghetti, and here’s how to make pancake spaghetti TikTok recipe at home if you want to enjoy the deliciousness.

You may be seriously confused if pancake spaghetti videos haven’t made it to your For You page yet. In fact, you might be wondering if these are pancakes made with spaghetti noodles or maybe pancakes served with tomato sauce. While either option could taste great with the right ingredients, pancake spaghetti isn’t. Instead, it’s an Instagram-worthy way to serve your traditional pancakes with maple syrup in the form of a pasta dish.

Anyone who’s tried Germany’s popular spaghetti ice cream dish, also known as spaghettieis, will be happy to know that this TikTok treat is pretty similar. Spaghetti is typically vanilla ice cream that has been put through a Spätzle press to resemble noodles and is served with strawberry sauce and white chocolate shavings. The sauce is supposed to look like ketchup and the chocolate is supposed to look like fresh Parmesan. The end result is an ice cream sundae that could pass as a bowl of spaghetti. Pancake spaghetti is just that, but it’s made with pancake ingredients.

How to make pancake spaghetti from TikTok?

The pancake spaghetti trend went viral thanks to TikToker @brianaarchuleta, who shared a video with the caption, “My husband made up something yummy this morning!” Of course, that something delicious was spaghetti with pancakes. The short video demonstrates how pancake batter cooked in rows on the grill can become spaghetti noodles when placed in a bowl. For the sauce and cheese, use maple syrup and powdered sugar sprinkled on top. That’s how simple spaghetti with pancakes can be.

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A few ways to make your pancake spaghetti journey a little easier is to get a squeeze bottle ($2, Target) for your pancake batter. This will make it much easier to get the dough into individual lines. It looks like @brianaarchuleta is also using a flat griddle instead of a round pan, which will give you more surface area to create “noodles” for longer pancakes.

Once you’ve cooked the pancake noodles until they’re golden to perfection, you just need to flip them over and heat them a little on the other side before placing them in your bowl. While maple syrup and powdered sugar are the two ingredients they use for their pancake spaghetti, this is where you can get creative with your dish.

Pancake Spaghetti TikTok Recipe Ideas

You can always take inspiration from spaghetti in Germany and use strawberry syrup in your spaghetti with pancakes to make it look more like ketchup. The powdered sugar really does look like Parmesan, but so do the white chocolate chips.

If you’re looking for meatballs, you can always top off your spaghetti and pancakes with some breakfast sausage like TikToker @randomschmitt does. It will be as if you have created your own breakfast plate. Another sweet and savory pancake spaghetti recipe is to layer fries, scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage under the pancake noodles, like TikToker @oldscoolkevmo.

Of course, you can keep it all sweet like TikToker @thesprinklefactory does, and just top it with heart-shaped strawberries and whipped cream. This version is especially ‘Gram-worthy’ and deserves a few photos before we delve deeper. However, you can really enjoy your pancake spaghetti any way you want, whether it’s sweet, savory, or requires a double take just to make sure it’s pancakes. and not an actual bowl of spaghetti in front of you.

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