High Heat: 6 Things You Need To Know About The International Show On Netflix

There are so many interesting programs that are trending in the Netflix top 10, and although there are many familiar faces that have appeared in recent weeks, such as the very popular Strange things Season 4 either The Sandman, there was a new entry on the list in the last few weeks that has blew me away ever since it appeared, and that is high heat

The series appeared in Netflix’s Top 10 for several weeks and although it fell off the list this week, I’m sure it will continue to be popular. For those wondering about the series, here are the answers you need. Here are six quick things to know about high heat before diving into the flames of drama.

High Heat is a Mexican drama

high heat is a Mexican television drama, also known as a telenovela (basically a Latinx version of a serial drama). But of course it’s not that surprising when an international show ends up being quite popular on Netflix.

One of the biggest shows on streaming site, squid Game, is from South Korea and has been nominated for several Primetime Emmy Awards. There are also two other popular Latino shows, money theft Y Elite, that have gotten huge on Netflix, so high heat‘s success is not a big surprise.

I’ve watched a lot of Latinx shows on the platform, and as someone who’s been a huge fan of them for a long time, this one is definitely fun for people who like high-stakes drama. there’s also many other latin shows to watch on Netflix if you end up liking it high heat – and with Hispanic Heritage Month just around the corner, now is the perfect time to see them.

High Heat is an action murder mystery

Calling all my lovely “whodunit” people who love a good mysterybecause high heat is the program for you. The main premise is that we are following Poncho, a young man who lives in Mexico and tries to follow the trail that will lead him to answers about the true story of his brother’s murder. His goal is to find the killer and seek justice.

The trail leads him to a fire station where he ends up meeting Olivia, the only female firefighter there. The decides to work undercover to try to find out who killed his brother, with the help of Olivia, and his story intertwines with another intense plot. I mean, you want drama, you are getting drama with high heat

And as mentioned above, there are plenty of amazing action scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The man decides to work as a firefighter during the investigation of him; you just know that’s going to lead to some sick action scenes.

It is from the same creator of ‘Who Killed Sara?’

Do you remember when a murder mystery called Who killed Sarah? became quite popular on the platform in 2021? Yes, high heat It is actually from the same creator, José Ignacio Valenzuela.

Who killed Sarah? It was a huge hit on Netflix, and there’s many other shows out there like this, but why not check out another murder mystery from the same creator? It has all the twists and turns you could want.

There are 39 episodes, and each episode is between 30 and 45 minutes long.

This really surprised me when I started to see high heat exist 39 episodes in the show. You have read well. Thirty nine. For a first season, that’s an insane number of episodes, a far cry from other shows that are only eight or nine episodes long and still split into volumes to release (cough, strange things, cough).

even with high heat having many episodes is not the end of the world as they are not particularly long. Episodes range from 30 to 45 minutes, with the longest being at the beginning of the season. The rest of the episodes tend to be shorter so I hope it doesn’t feel like also long time to binge this series if you really like it.

The series is rated TV-MA

high heat joins the ranks of other Netflix shows like The Wizard Y Bridgerton with its rating, since the Mexican drama has a TV-MA rating. It may be best to keep your kids away from the TV screen when watching this exciting series.

There is only one season so far

If you are wondering if there are multiple seasons of high heat, there is only one available at this time. There could possibly be one in the future, considering how popular the Netflix series has become, and many other international series have received multiple seasons there, but for now, there is only one.

If you end up taking a look high heat, I hope you can handle the steam that is sure to come off the screen with this Mexican drama. It is going to be a great trip and one that you will certainly enjoy.

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