Herschel Walker’s ex-girlfriend says he urged her to have a second abortion

The woman who alleged this week that Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker urged her to have an abortion and paid for it in 2009 dropped another bombshell Friday when she told The New York Times that he pressured her to do the same thing two years later. .

The woman, an ex-girlfriend of Walker’s, says she refused his request and had the child. Walker, who has campaigned an aggressive anti-abortion stance as she seeks one of the Georgia Senate seats, has had a minimal presence in the life of her son, now 10, but has acknowledged it through occasional gifts and child support payments, he said. she said.

“As a father, he hasn’t done anything,” the woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity to protect her son’s privacy, told the Times. “He does exactly what the courts say, and that’s it. He has to be responsible, just like the rest of us. And if you’re going to run for office, you have to own your life.”

The Times says it confirmed, through custody records filed in New York family court, that the former couple had a child together. He also corroborated her account of the 2009 abortion she had at Walker’s behest, which she revealed to The Daily Beast on Monday, and interviewed a friend whom she confided in about Walker’s requests that she abort both pregnancies.

Walker’s campaign did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment on the allegation on Friday, nor did it respond to repeated inquiries from The Times, the newspaper said. But after the Daily Beast’s initial report, Walker and his representatives adamantly denied ever urging anyone to have an abortion, calling his ex-girlfriend’s accusation a “blatant lie.” Walker also claimed to have no idea who the woman could be.

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Speaking to the Times, the woman said she couldn’t take Walker’s hypocrisy anymore.

“The fact that he had a choice, now he is in public trying to say that he wants to ban abortion altogether,” she said, adding: “It appalled me.”

On the campaign trail, Walker, a former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL star, has said she opposes abortion in all circumstances, including those resulting from rape or incest or necessary to save the life of the mother, a of the most important. extreme positions taken by any Republican candidate.

His ex also criticized Walker for comments he made throughout his campaign criticizing absentee fathers. Walker, he told the Times, has seen their son together “maybe… three times.”

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