Here’s why the reborn Maserati Gran Turismo demands your attention

Maserati has unveiled its first electric vehicle in the form of the new GranTurismo Folgore. While not as quick to go electric as some larger manufacturers, it’s no surprise that the Italian automaker will eventually start to catch up with the world of electrification. Even teammate Ferrari has begun to soften his stance on electric power, promising to have 80% electrification of its model range by 2030.

Having said that, what is so striking about the new GranTurismo? For some, they might be ready to launch a powerful all-electric GT car, with plenty of power to go with it. But, we’d be more inclined to say that the first thing that will attract potential buyers to the new Maserati GranTurismo is the classic styling that can only come from an Italian design house.

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It all goes back to the Maserati A6 1500

Launched in 1947, the Maserati A6 1500 GT (GranTurismo) was undoubtedly the spiritual predecessor of the modern GranTurismo. Designed by Pininfarina, with a tubular chassis, independent front suspension, disc brakes and a twin-cam engine, the A6 1500 was a highly technical car for its time. Like a modern Maserati GranTurismo, the A6 1500 would turn heads wherever it went and was as exciting to drive as it was to look at.

The A6 1500 GT would not only have been exciting to drive (if you could have gotten your hands on one of the 58 built examples, of course) but it was also a great touring car, capable of soaking up miles with ease. Something much rarer in post-war 1947 than in modern vehicles.

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The new Maserati GranTurismo is the reference Gran Turismo

Maserati promises that this GranTurismo is the ultimate in speed and comfort, embodying its new slogan “The others just travel“. The launch of this car coincides with the 75th anniversary of the GT name, a fact that Maserati is very proud of. The world has changed dramatically in those 75 years, and although Maserati design is as timeless as ever, they continue to being pushing the limits of new technologies.

The new GranTurismo models arrive to show that the GranTurismo name has many years left. Maserati has given us three new models in the GranTurismo line. Starting with the Modena, powered by its new 490hp Nettuno 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V6, based on the engine found in the MC20 supercar.

Each of the GranTurismo models is designed to evoke feelings in its potential buyer, the Modena is for the elegant and refined buyer, who also enjoys a powerful yet comfortable road cruiser. For the buyer looking for maximum performance and maximum comfort, Maserati offers the Trofeo. Carbon fiber accents, bold wheels and sportier interior materials set the Trofeo’s tone in a different direction than the Modena. The icing on the cake here is an extra 60 hp from the Nettuno V6.

These two are the old dogs, the ultimate touring cars. Great power, great comfort and classic style. These may probably be some of the last great gasoline-powered grand touring cars the world will see. While it’s hard to imagine long road trips with an all-electric GT car these days, the EV infrastructure is growing by the day and new technologies continue to arrive at a fast pace. With Maserati looking to go fully electric by 2030, perhaps electric power is the future of grand touring cars.

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The most exciting GranTurismo is the all-electric Folgore

The third GranTurismo model is probably the one that has received the most attention. The House of the Trident’s first attempt at a fully electric vehicle. It has three 300kW permanent magnet motors, 800-volt architecture, and a 92.5 kWh battery. Although the range has not yet been released, Maserati has released a power figure, 760 hp to the wheels in this version of the GranTurismo. We will certainly see some impressive acceleration numbers from the Folgore.

Beyond raw power, Maserati has some big features that make its new EV stand out. The battery pack, for example, is packed in what they call a “t-bone” configuration, which keeps the pack narrow in the middle of the car. This allows weight to remain centered and low, while maintaining the GranTurismo’s traditional low seating position by not having a battery pack extending below the seats.

They are also showing off a new electrical control system on the Folgore. VDCM is a vehicle control module designed entirely in-house at Maserati. The result is fast, reliable performance between components, as well as the ability to perform over-the-air upgrades.

Possibly the most exciting thing we’re seeing on the new GranTurismo Folgore is what Maserati is most famous for, the exterior styling. The Folgore is not only as beautiful as its gas brethren, it’s also arguably the best looking of the bunch.

There are no goofy covered grilles, weird lights, or weird colored accents here to tell you this is an EV. To the untrained eye, it would be very difficult to tell that this is the electric version of anything. That’s the most remarkable thing about this car, Maserati retained all of its iconic charms, even while advancing by leaps and bounds in technology.

Source: Maserati

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