He will not sell dreams, but will work to carry Indian football forward: Kalyan Chaubey

The new president of the All India Football Federation (AIFF) Kalyan Chaubey said on Friday that he will not “sell dreams” as if the country will play in the World Cup in eight years, but will strive to improve the game with respect. to the current standard. Chaubey defeated the legendary Bhaichung Bhutia in the election for the top job as the AIFF landed a former player as president for the first time in its 85-year history. Thirty-three members of the electoral college voted for Chaubey, while Bhutia got just one vote.

Addressing a news conference after his election as AIFF’s new president, Chaubey said he would not make “unrealistic promises.”

Hum aapke samne sapne bechne nahi aayenge. Ye nahi bolenge ki humne phalana academy bana diya and humne aat saal me World Cup khelenge (We will not come before you to sell dreams. We will not say that we have established so many academies and will play the World Cup in eight years).

β€œIn my life I have participated in the inauguration of more than 100 academies and in all those academies it has been said that the kids are going to play the World Cup in eight years. But it doesn’t really happen that way,” he said. she said.

“We are not making any promises, but we will say that we will get Indian football out of the current condition and it will be determined how far we go. We are not going to sell dreams.”

Chaubey, a former goalkeeper for big clubs like Mohun Bagan and East Bengal, welcomed Bhutia into the executive committee as a co-opted member.

“Bhaichung Bhutia’s contribution in Indian football, very few players have. We welcome him,” Chaubey said.

Ramayan mey setu ko baandhne mey gilhari ka bhumika raha, Hanuman ji akele setu ko baandh sakte the lekin usme gilhari ka bhumika raha toh Bharat ke football ko le jane ke liye hum har byakti se unka bhumika aur sahayta lenge (In Ramayan, Hanuman could have built the bridge (to Lanka) by himself, but the squirrel contributed. Therefore, we will receive the help of each and every individual to advance Indian football.)”

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Just after losing the presidential election, Bhutia had said that he will be on the executive committee as a co-opted member.

He said his committee will prepare a roadmap for Indian football within 100 days.

β€œI assure you that all state associations will work together to advance Indian football. In this sense, we will present our short-term plan on September 7th. After that, this committee will have its first formal meeting on September 17th. 18 in Calcutta.

“We have with us eminent players Shabbir Ali, IM Vijayan, Climax Lawrence and our two sisters (players). Our state associations have their challenges and dreams. We will discuss all these and after 100 days we will prepare a roadmap for Indian football. Bhutya said.

The 45-year-old BJP politician Chaubey said FIFA president Gianni Infantino called him after his election as AIFF president and asked for a meeting.

“He said we can meet in Doha, Zurich or Paris. I said I would like to meet you for sure, but before that we will first discuss internally what we would ask of you. How can we advance Indian football technically and commercially.” We will first understand this problem and meet with you. He said ‘excellent’ and informed me that FIFA wants to work with India.”

He said that the new executive committee has some experienced administrators as well as former stars.

“We have managerial experience like we have experienced managers like Shaji Prabhakaran and former silversmiths like IM Vijayan. It will take some time to take stock of things in Indian football and after 100 days we will present the roadmap for Indian football.”

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Prabhakaran is expected to be named Secretary General, but no announcement was made on Friday. Sources said an announcement may be made in a day or two.

“What the central or state governments can give them in terms of facilities and infrastructure, we will first try to understand. We will also talk with the government about how we can implement grassroots development in schools, how young people aged 6 to 12 play to football We want to partner with schools.

“What are our gaps and where do we need to go, whether we just want funding or capacity building, what kind of talent do we need we’ll mention on the roadmap,” Chaubey said.

“Through grassroots football and with the help of schools, we will reach a lakh of children so that they can have the basics of football ready.”

When asked if there may be political interference in the workings of AIFF, Chaubey replied: “Can you name a federation where the state or central government or a politician is not part of it?”


When asked why it was not proposed or seconded by the association from his home state West Bengal, he said: “This question should be put to Bengal. But I assume that since Subrata Dutta was senior vice president (in the previous executive AIFF), was one of the probable candidates for president, so they reserve that position for him.

“I was lucky to be nominated from Gujarat. I have been associated with Gujarat for almost 10 months, traveled to some parts of Gujarat… but my identity is first as a football player which no one will deny.”

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