GTA Online Weekly Update (September 1): Additional Rewards, Discounts and Vehicles

September 1 is here, which means we’re knee-deep in Sprunk (and echola) right now with the GTA Online Weekly Update! The game has received a selection of temporary changes and updates as usual for most of the year, although this week it has a special fizzy drink theme. This includes limited discounts, bonuses for specific mission types, and free vehicles for you to fight.

In the GTA Online August 1 Weekly UpdateNew races, a new car, and a host of green Sprunk-themed prizes are up for grabs for players with a little money or a little luck on their side.

This short recap article will cover all the news coming to the game this week that you need to know about. This will include discounted cars, a new podium vehicle, and double GTA and RP on select missions.

The Xbox Series X/S and PS5 trailer for GTA Online!

New races Hao Special Works

This week, six new Hao Special Works races have been added to the game. These can be accessed. You can find them by going to the menu while in GTA Online, heading to Rockstar Created Jobs, Career. There you will find numerous new HSW races listed for your viewing pleasure!

New car: Vigero ZX

The Vigero ZX in GTA Online
New car! is big

the Viger ZX Added to the game this week! You can buy this powerful sports car for ($1,947,000) right now at Southern Sanandreas Supercars! His stats are as follows:

  • Maximum speed: 4.2
  • Acceleration: 4.5
  • Braking: 1.6
  • Traction: 4.9

LS Car Meet Prize Race

The mamba in GTA Online (prize trip)
A classic racing car is up for grabs

This week’s Car Meet awards trip is the type of venomous snake – you can grab it by landing a finish in the top two in pursuit races for two days in a row.

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car podium

The Ocelot Locust in GTA Online (podium)
A Sprunk Themed Locus!

This week’s Diamond Casino Podium Car is the Ocelot Lobsterwhich can normally only be found at Legendary Motorsport for $1,625,000.

Hao’s Weekly Special Jobs Car

The Turismo Classic as a Hao car in GTA Online
Now that it’s a damn good car.

Hao’s premium test ride for this week is the Grotti Touring Classic and can be found at the special parking spots at LS Car Meet. To access this vehicle, you will need to be playing one of the next-gen versions of the game and have purchased an LS Car Meet membership in-game (this can be purchased from Mimi).

luxury cars cars

This week’s luxury car vehicles are:

  • Oveflod Imorgon
  • Anise S80RR

Simeon showroom cars

This week’s Simeon’s Showroom cars are:

  • suffering soul
  • Landstalker XL
  • Viger ZX,
  • Beater Dukes
  • low hill

RC Bandito Time Trial

This week’s RC time trial is on the Vespucci Canals. To collect your $100,000 prize, you’ll need to beat a 01:53.00 part time

time trials

This week’s regular time trial is on the vine wood hills. To win the first prize, you must win the event in less 01:26.00.

Additional GTA$ & RP Rewards

For those looking to make the most of the time they spend in GTA Online, they can win bonus cash and RP in the game by completing certain types of missions.

3x RP and GTA$ can be obtained from the following quests:

2x RP and GTA$ can be obtained from the following quests:

  • Hunting Pack Adversary Mode
  • HSW Racing (PS5/XSX)
  • Request Bunker Research

There’s also 2x Speed ​​Boost in Bunker Research this week!

clothing unlocks

This week, players can get the Green Tint Oversized Sunglasseswhich are perfect for this week with the theme of Sprunk..

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Weekly Discounts

It’s important to make sure your money goes as far as possible in GTA Online. That’s why you should take a look at the weekly discounts!

50% off:

  • Safari Kite ($355,000)
  • Dukes Beaters ($189,000)
  • Drag Hakuchou ($488,000)

40% discount:

  • Bunkers, Bunker Renovations, and Bunker Supplies
  • Starling ($2,194,500)
  • S80RR ($1,545,000)
  • Dune FAV ($510,000)
  • Banshees ($63,000)
  • Desert Raid ($417,000)

30% off:

  • Baller ST ($623,000)
  • HSW Upgrade Costs

Top Game Rewards

Prime Gaming rewards are also regularly available for those with Amazon Prime and Twitch.

  • GTA$100,000 for all players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account with Prime Gaming and play this week.

For more information on GTA Online, check out our guide to this month’s GTA+ benefits or our tips for making money fast in GTA Online.

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