‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 19: Netflix Release Date

With Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 airs on ABC, fans are wondering if the latest season has a Netflix release date yet.

ABC medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy is just as popular since it premiered in 2005. Created by Shonda Rhimes, it is one of the latest network shows to hit the streaming platform.

Why won’t Disney Plus stream? Grey’s Anatomy Season 19?

With a total of 401 episodes, 400 if the last episode of season 19 is excluded, the series enjoys a loyal fan base. Season 19 will see Kate Walsh return to the show alongside Niko Terho, Adelaide Kane, Alexis Floyd and Harry Shum Jr. as season regulars.

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Even though Disney Plus went to great lengths to acquire the rights to other shows from ABC, Grey’s Anatomy he continues to be loyal to Netflix US. Though it’s unknown how Netflix gets the streaming rights to the show each season, it could have something to do with Shonda Rhimes’ connection from the streaming giant. Regardless, the seasons hit the streaming platform shortly after the Season Finale airs on ABC.

When is season 19 coming to Netflix?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 hit the streaming platform in June 2019, followed by Season 16 in May 2020. Season 17 hit the streaming platform in July 2021 and Season 18 premiered on Netflix as recently as June 2022. Therefore, Netflix usually receives seasons between May and July. Fans can look forward to the final season of Grey’s Anatomy to appear on Netflix sometime between May and July 2023.

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Other than the United States, Netflix Canada is the only region that has streaming rights for Grey’s Anatomy. However, they are yet to receive Season 18, which is expected to hit the platform sometime in 2023. So it’s safe to assume that Canadian fans won’t be able to see Season 19 before 2024.

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Although other Netflix regions led Grey’s Anatomy for a while, they no longer have it on the platform. This is because the show’s international streaming rights weren’t renewed, after which the show came to Disney Plus.

Hulu streams the latest episodes right after they premiere on ABC

Fans who want to watch the new episodes right after they air on ABC can do so on Hulu. The streaming platform airs the episodes the next day. However, the new episodes do not stay on the platform for long.

As reported by What’s on Netflix?Even on Netflix, the series may not stream forever. Eventually, after Netflix’s deal with ABC ends, it will move to another platform. But, until now, it is unknown when this will happen.

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If the show concludes with season 19, it will leave Netflix 2 years after it starts streaming on the platform. However, given how popular the show is, it’s highly unlikely that the series will end this season.

Have you seen the first episode of season 19 yet or are you waiting for it to air on Netflix? Share your opinion in the comments!

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