Government of Canada Invests Over $1.4 Million in Clean Tech SixRing

CALGARY, AB, September 6, 2022 /CNW/ – Clean technologies play an important role in helping Canada fight of the agricultural sector against climate change. Investing in clean technology initiatives that promote the bioeconomy can improve farmer outcomes while reducing harmful greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

This day, Francis DrouinParliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture and Agrifood, announced on behalf of the Honorable Marie-Claude Bibeau, an investment of more than $1.4 million to support SixRing Inc.’s next phase of development to ramp up production. These funds will be used to scale the company’s energy-efficient biomass conversion process that converts agricultural waste into renewable fuels and advanced sustainable materials.

The bioeconomy has enormous potential to Canada, helping to reduce the country’s carbon footprint and creating new opportunities to grow the economy. Replacing non-renewable fuel and energy sources with greener alternatives maximizes the use of agricultural resources and adds value to products that were previously considered waste.

Under the Agricultural Clean Technology Program, this investment in SixRing’s proprietary technology will allow the company to significantly increase its production through research and development activities. This development phase will also include intensive testing of underutilized raw materials and improving production efficiency to optimize the company’s technology. Using this low-carbon solution to manage agricultural waste will help significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and generate additional farm income across the country.

Canada The recently announced Emissions Reduction Plan 2030 highlights the actions needed to reduce emissions in various sectors of the economy. The steps that companies take to reduce their emissions will complement the investments and other measures that the Government of Canada is taking to fight climate change and strengthen Canada clean economy.

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“The agricultural sector is working hard to drive climate action to build a healthy future for Canada. Under the Clean Agricultural Technology program, this investment in SixRing Inc. will ensure that our farmers increase their profits, protect our environment and continue to feed the world sustainably.”

Francis DrouinParliamentary Secretary of the Minister of Agriculture and Agrifood

“Investments in clean technology are helping farmers and agribusinesses become more resilient in the face of extreme weather events. This investment in SixRing builds on work already underway to develop technologies that help major industries tackle climate change”.

– The Honorable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

“This financial contribution will go a long way in accelerating our SixRing crop-based feedstock research and process optimization. We look forward to supporting our agriculture industry by generating new revenue streams from these crop waste products while enabling a increased access to low-carbon, sustainable non-food-based fuels, including SAF, diesel and gasoline.”

clay purdyCEO and President of SixRing Inc.

Fast facts

  • Bioproducts are renewable products other than food and feed that are derived from agricultural, aquatic or forest resources, or from municipal waste. They include: biochemicals, biofuels, bioenergy and biomaterials.
  • The agricultural sector has a fundamental role to play in the full development of Canada bioeconomy Bioproducts also create valuable new opportunities for Canadian farmers, with the sector generating about $4.3 billion in sales each year.
  • Through the Government of Canada Recently expanded ACT program, current pollution levels are projected to be reduced by up to 0.8 megatons as a result of fuel switching and lower fuel consumption.
  • With the Emissions Reduction Plan launched in March 2022the government of Canada has made an additional $330 million to the Clean Agricultural Technologies Program (ACT), tripling support for innovation and the development and adoption of clean technologies in the agricultural sector.
  • This project and the final financing are subject to the negotiation of a contribution agreement.
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