Glass Onion Early Reactions Say It’s Better Than The Original

The mystery is solved. Highly anticipated Netflix movie Glass Onion: A Knives Out Story had an early screening during this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, which means the cat is out of the bag and first impressions are in. The film is a sequel to 2019 knives outwhich was a surprise hit murder mystery written and directed by Ryan Johnson. The film was praised for subverting common tropes of the genre and grossed over $300 million against a $40 million budget. Netflix ordered two sequels for the adventures of detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig), with Johnson attached to the helm of both.

Once again, the story centers around an intriguing mystery that features a star-studded cast of many suspects and victims. This time, Craig is accompanied by edward norton, Janelle Monae, katherine hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., jessica henwick, Madelyn Clin, kate hudson, Ethan HawkeY david baptist.


Even though Netflix is ​​keeping details of the sequel under wraps, the promotional campaign is doing a good job of making us curious to see it, first with a trailer suggesting this adventure will be larger in scale and presenting puzzles. not just for the story, but for fans to discover and get plot clues as we wait for the film’s world premiere in December.

Walk into Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, the question on everyone’s mind was the same: after creating such an intriguing, funny, even, surprising comedy with mind-bending twists, could writer-director Johnson outdo himself once again? Critics seem to agree that the answer is a loud and clear ‘yes!’

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own collider Ross Bonaime kicked off the round of early reactions by claiming that Rian Johnson’s new movie beats the original in every way, and is “bigger, crazier” and “even more twisted,” which is saying something, considering that knives out It took everyone by surprise by having a great twist in the first act. with collider Steve Weintraub similarly praising the film as a huge hit for Netflix.

Other critics joined the chorus of praise, writing some incredibly enthusiastic tweets. Dan “Dancing” of Dancing Dan in the movie stated that the film is “excellently crafted” and said that it will probably be funnier than “anything else you’ll see this year”. jonathan fuji of the movie drunk he underscored the important fact that each question “was answered as it unfolded”, and called Johnson a master of whodunits who has the genre “down to the science”. david caves of Filmhounds Magazine he did not hold back, calling the film “a modern mystery classic”.

With the difficult job of reprising his acclaimed performance while also making the role of detective Benoit Blanc feel fresh, Daniel Craig was also praised by critics. Amanda Guraggi of sincere cinema wrote that the British actor “shines again” and that his performance is “funnier than before”.

There was also much praise for the extensive cast of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. canada movie scene prepares us for the fact that Monáe and Hudson “steal the whole movie”, and already demands a third movie, while Clayton Davis of Variety he wrote that Monáe and Norton’s performances “showcase Rian Johnson’s knack for killer storytelling”.

netflix premieres Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery December 23th. You can see the trailer below:

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