Ghana: Tertiary Institutions Urged to Invest in Technology to Promote Equitable Education

Tertiary institutions have been urged to invest in technology to promote education in the country.

“Equitable access to reliable and cost-effective technology will go a long way in promoting teaching and learning in a more sustainable way and ensuring that no one is left behind,” said Second Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Ms. Elsie Addo Awadzi, has said.

Speaking at the launch of the 25th anniversary of the University of Ghana, he said the pandemic underscored the importance of continued investments in the future to build resilience and strong safety nets to reduce inequalities and exclusion from our socio-economic development efforts. .

“After the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic, the new emphasis on building resilience – embracing technology and embracing humanism – is welcome and goes in the right direction,” he said.

Ms. Awadzi emphasized that technology enabled the adaptations that were necessary to reduce the consequences of the pandemic, including the impact on teaching and learning, existing gaps in access to technology introduced disparities to the extent that some were able cope with disruptions from the pandemic.

“We must modernize the way we teach relevant subjects. What technological facilities can we put in place to teach them more effectively? How can we take advantage of technological advances to provide relevant skills to students? How can we attract the best experts and professionals in the field? home and abroad? to help with cutting-edge research and teaching in innovative ways?” she stressed.

Ms. Awadzi said that students who did not have access to electronic devices and/or did not have access to a cost-effective and reliable internet connection to support their online learning were suddenly facing new obstacles to achieving their educational dreams.

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The second lieutenant governor praised the university for its recently launched ‘One Student, One Laptop’ (1S1L) program, in which about 120 students were provided with laptops, which deserves applause.

Ms. Awadzi pleaded with corporate bodies and well-intentioned Ghanaians to support the initiative to ensure that all students in need are supported.

“As we prepare to begin a year of well-deserved celebrations to mark this important milestone, it is imperative that we look to the future with new ways of thinking and pursuing our vision and goals,” he said.

The second vice governor emphasized that “the pursuit of ‘world class’ excellence must be a moving target, and as times change, that vision must be calibrated to deliver results that keep this great institution relevant.”