Gear Education is launched to bring technological competence to schools in Cyprus

NEW YORK – Gear Education, a new boutique firm specializing in educational technology services, announced its official launch on September 7 as the first and only Google for Education partner in Cyprus. Gear Education works closely with schools to develop strategies for today’s changing needs by providing expert advice and training on the use of technology in education. The company’s experience in implementing educational solutions from Google and Apple is differentiated throughout the island.

Gear Education is dedicated to guiding, supporting, and inspiring educators to embrace technology as a transformative tool to educate and empower students from early childhood through higher education. “Integrating technology into the classroom should empower educators, not overwhelm them,” said Christina Shailas, founder of Gear Education. “We often hear that the first step is to change the culture, which has proven true in our methodology. We focus on educators, not just getting them comfortable with the tools, but bringing them into the process so they understand the ‘why’ and the value of these tools.”

With ten years of experience working as a technology integrator, Christina Shailas has been an integral part of the successful implementation and development of educational technology programs for over 3,000 educators and students in New York City and Limassol. With the launch of Gear Education, Shailas is determined to amplify its impact and reach more schools. Implementing paperless solutions through 1-1 device programs, integrating 3D printers, laser cutters, and other innovation lab tools to enhance curriculum and empower educators to redefine teaching and learning using technology is a fragment of daily activities for education. technology firm.

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Gear Education welcomes educational institutions ready to embrace technology and transform their teaching and learning processes. The company offers a range of services, including: Strategic Planning and Assessment; instructional and curricular design; implementation and management solutions; professional learning and support; and authorized resale of the main EdTech platforms.

About gear education:

Gear Education is a Cyprus-based educational technology company dedicated to providing technology solutions that work to empower teachers and students. For more information, visit

Christina Shailas is a first-generation Cypriot and Greek-American from Constantinople, born and raised in Queens, New York. She completed her bachelor’s degree at New York University and then completed her master’s degree at Columbia University. Shailas began her career as an educational technology integrator in New York City a decade ago and moved to Cyprus in 2018 to join a private school in Limassol to further develop the school’s educational technology program. . Shailas recently launched Gear Education, a boutique firm specializing in educational technology services, and with this she is determined to transform more schools in Cyprus. She is the former President of Cypriot Young Professionals (CYP) and currently serves as the Cyprus Liaison for the Cyprus-US Chamber of Commerce.

Gear Education, a new boutique firm specializing in educational technology services, announced its official launch. Photo: Courtesy of Christina Shailas

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