Futurist, media and tech mogul Mike Johns jumps on board

Digitalage is a Web3 social media platform that is committed to providing users with an unparalleled immersive experience while ensuring content security, digital rights management using innovative OOVE™ tools for creators.

Temecula, CA, September 1, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — Hop-on, Inc. (OTC:HPNN) announced today that Digitalage has hired Mike Johns as President of Business Development. The digital age is poised to change the social media landscape, challenging the status quo through Cardano’s blockchain technology and media-rich immersive social experiences unlike any other platform on the market. As a one-stop shop for content creation and management, users have every opportunity to reach their full potential.

Mike Johns stands at the intersection of technology and entertainment. Mike is a sought-after deal maker negotiating deals with multi-million dollar companies like ESPN, T-Mobile, Microsoft, NBC, iHeart Radio, and most recently Big 3 Basketball, among many others. Mike Johns’ specialty is connecting creative marketing with non-traditional revenue, media acquisition, digital asset management, event planning and public relations. Mr. Johns began his career as a mobile content provider for T-Mobile and quickly built on his success to become an on-demand content provider serving AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. With an eye for talent, Johns has put his ‘mobile touch’ on brands like Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, Oscar-winning rap duo Three Six Mafia, Fivio Foreign, even former world champion heavyweight Mike Tyson, all of whose careers have launched into superstardom.

Peter Michaels, President of Digitalage, says: “Mike is already up and running. We are launching a focus group with influencers that will premiere next week at PulseCon https://www.pulsecon2022.com/, the largest crypto event in Las Vegas. We are working to link NFTs to our OOVE™ tools based on Cardano smart contracts. Mike brings a lot of value to the challenges we face in building our business and partnerships. He connects the dots between industry, media and technology that give us an edge as we build our Web3 social media platform.”

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Mike Johns adds: “I’m a firm believer that Digitalage is the future of social media. In my new role as president, my job is aligned with what I’ve always done: protect the voice of content creators of all colors, shapes, and sizes. Through Digital Mind State, my team will stay in place to run our technology, culture and hustle.”

Johns focuses on creating innovative experiences for emerging technologies in unexpected environments. He is passionate about how data and technologies from yesterday and today can be used to shape tomorrow.

About the Hop-on
Hop-on, Inc. (OTC: HPNN) is a US-based international leader in the development and manufacture of electronic products, distributed software and telecommunications hardware and services, leveraging its guaranteed essential license agreements for mobile and computing technologies. Since 1993, the Company has a proven track record of innovation and market development. From the development of the world’s first disposable CDMA cell phone to the upcoming Digitalage decentralized social media platform promoting data portability and freedom of expression and essential engineering tools for content protection and royalty management across platforms and devices social, the Company works closely with inventors and patent holders to bring the latest technologies to demanding markets.


Peter Michaels, CEO
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About Digitalage:
Digitalage is a decentralized social media, peer-to-peer communications and entertainment streaming platform, which also provides online personal data storage, content protection and digital rights management. We are built on cutting-edge technologies, advanced deep learning models, and values ​​firmly rooted in freedom of expression, fair and equitable compensation, and the democratic process. We are implementing paradigm shifts in user interface, user experience, accessibility, recommendation and matchmaking algorithms, social responsibility, royalty collection and distribution, collective work, along with entertainment creation and consumption. and journalism. We are literally disrupting everything.

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