French Curl Braids is the hybrid hairstyle going viral on TikTok right now

TikTok has officially become the hub for all the latest beauty and hair trends. In fact, trends on the app move so fast that just when you’re about to try the latest beauty trick or hairstyle, people are already thinking of the next one. Scrolling through the FYP has not only become a habit, but a daily routine for many users. Just a few weeks ago, some of the biggest trends included heart edging, beaded braids, and quick weaves. Now the latest hair craze making its way onto everyone’s For You page is French braids. A perfect blend of movement, protection and plenty of glamour, it’s easy to see why the style is having such a moment.

Although the trend is viral on TikTok, French curl braids first appeared on Pinterest. After discovering the new type of box braid, TikTok users brought the style to their app, where everyone tried out the new style. So what exactly are French braids and why are they so popular? Like goddess braids, French curl braids are simply box braids created from curly braided hair. Combine the protective nature of braids with the styling possibilities of loose curls to create a whole new look perfect for any occasion.

To achieve the French curl braid style, take curly braided hair (it usually comes pre-curled, which makes things easy) and braid all the way down until you reach the point where you want the actual curls to start. It’s an individual choice, but many want at least four inches of curls to really show off their shape.

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However, unlike styles like goddess braids, French curl braids have the voluminous Y wavy curl look. Ever since users like @thelifeofdeb and @elefaantz went viral for the French Curl Braids hairstyle, beauty lovers have been rushing to salons and barbershops to pull off this look and of course they’ve been posting it on TikTok to let everyone see it.

User @giabelleray went viral on the app showing how protective styling works with the claw clip ponytail trick. The popular TikTokker, who has over 152k followers, shows how to style and maintain his braids, proving just how versatile French curl braids can be.

Not only has this hairstyle given black women the opportunity to try something different, but it also allows them to experiment with color. Some app creators have chosen to mix two or more different hair colors for an ombré effect, while others go for an all-over color for seamless flow and tons of shine.

Whether you do it yourself or get it done at the salon, this hairstyle can take a while. Fortunately, it is easy to find the right products for this. Shop the best products to achieve the beautiful TikTok viral hairstyle right below.

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