Freddie Mercury feared THIS song would be a flop, but it became a regular hit

Freddie Mercury left the music industry with a great impression of his songs and himself as a singer, but he once doubted a song that eventually also became a hit.

Mercury’s solo career was not as flourishing as the one he had with the Queen, but he showed his skills when he collaborated with other artists, including Montserrat Caballé.

In the documentary series “Finding Freddie,” Mercury collaborating songwriter Mike Moran heaped praise on the legendary singer. But he also remembered the time the duo worked on a song together.

According to Moran, the duet of Mercury and Caballe could have been a disaster as the Queen frontman doubted it would work.

The song in question was the 1987 hit “Barcelona.”

“[Freddie was excited] but on the other hand he said: ‘Maybe we don’t get along, I personally don’t know what she’s like.’ So we try to lighten the atmosphere a bit in case it turns out to be a complete disaster. Of course, they got along very well,” Moran continued.

The songwriter recalled how the song only took minutes before the public gave him positive responses. Despite having different voices and singing ranges, Mercury and Caballe worked together again with the single “The Golden Boy”. They also released a full album afterwards.

In 1991, “Barcelona” returned to No. 2 in the UK charts after Mercury’s death. It also led to the two of them doing a historic feat together.

Although Queen’s leadership passed away before the Barcelona Olympics, the voices of the two legendary musicians dominated the event when “Barcelona” was performed on stage at the La Nit open-air festival before the arrival of the Queen. Seoul Olympic flag in 1988.

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the death of Freddie Mercury

Mercury left the music industry for good when he died in 1991 due to AIDS.

Queen fans did not learn about her diagnosis until the day before her death. Meanwhile, the authorities listed her cause of death as bronchial pneumonia as a result of AIDS.

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According to Mercury, he decided to keep his diagnosis private to protect the privacy of other people, especially Queen.

Brian May once revealed to Elis James and John Robins on BBC Radio 5 Live’s “How Do You Cope” podcast that the vocalist still haunts him every time he listens to the “Made In Heaven” album. He added that the surviving members went through a “traumatizing” experience without leadership.

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