For the first time in Costa Rica, 4 cantons of the northern zone come together to create a route and promote their destinations

Costa Rica It is a country with a unique natural wealth and with many destinations full of rich flora and fauna, art, culture, tradition and gastronomy. However, there are areas that even Costa Ricans do not know, destinations full of attractions, but with little visibility, communities with much to offer national and foreign tourists.

This is the reality of 4 Cantons of the Border Corridor of the North Zone: La Cruz, Upala, Los Chiles and Guatuso; an unknown Costa Rica, visited by few, but with a history, culture, attractions, tours, lodging, art and gastronomy, that we all should know.

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Given this scenario and the need for these cantons to be more visible, to generate productive linkages, to attract more national and foreign tourists and for all their projects to have a quality seal that guarantees responsible tourism, The Northern Route was born: The Unknown Costa Rica.

Thanks to the union of several Chambers of Tourism, businessmen, companies in the area, the training support of the National Learning Institute (INA), the State Distance University (UNED), key local actors and hotels located in these cantons, who have believed in and leveraged the project: today The Northern Route is a reality

After much work by the Los Chiles Chamber of Tourism (Catuchi), the Rincón de la Vieja Chamber of Tourism (Caturvi), the Miravalles and Tenorio Chamber of Tourism (Catemi), the Upala Chamber of Tourism (Catupa) , CETUR (Chamber of Tourist Entrepreneurs of La Cruz), the Chamber of Tourism and Associated Guides of Guatuso, the Upala Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Tourism of Bijagua and Río Celeste (Caturi), the official launch was made today.

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Promote tourism in these areas

Katherine Morales, promoter of this project, affirms that they are very happy to present a Route that will promote tourism in these areas, will strengthen productive chains, will generate more sources of income and employment and, without a doubt, will make Costa Rica a tourist destination. . route. attractive to nationals and foreigners.

“Discovering the unknown Costa Rica will now be a pending task for everyone, dare to travel to new destinations, marvel at so many beautiful landscapes that we did not know existed in our country, taste the gastronomy of these areas, enjoy and acquire Costa Rican. art and learn more about our roots and our culture. And the best, with trained projects and a quality seal, which give us the guarantee of offering responsible tourism,” said Pablo Calero, president of the Ruta Norte Federation.

Do you dare to discover the unknown Costa Rica with us?

It is the first time that Costa Rica has an official Route, where both nationals and foreigners can visit each of the cantons, move from one to another and visit all destinations with the support of certified projects.

“The synergy that has been achieved between the projects in the area, entrepreneurs, businessmen, community leaders and others, is a success story. Ruta Norte is the example that limits do not exist and that if we work together we all win. It is a pride to see the work of so many people accomplished and that today, thanks to that, many will enjoy this Route”, said Claudia Silva, president of the Río Celeste and Bijagua Chamber of Tourism.

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