For how long is soccer cancelled? Latest news on Premier League and Champions League matches

The Premier League announced on September 9 that its scheduled round of matches between September 10 and 12 would be postponed, with numerous sports governing bodies following suit.

The move came as a show of respect following the death on September 8 of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

There are also questions about matchday 2 of the Champions League, which is scheduled for next week, and the Premier League matches next weekend.

Here’s the latest news on which games have been postponed, when matches will resume and how the schedule will be rearranged.

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Is the Champions League postponed this week?

A moment of silence was observed for matches involving British teams in the Europa League and Europa Conference League on Thursday 8 September as a show of respect following the Queen’s death.

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin said he was “really saddened” by the news. “Our thoughts are with [the Royal] family and the president of the English Football Association, Prince William, as well as with citizens of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth realm,” added Ceferin.

British clubs are scheduled to play in the Champions League next week, with the likes of Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea and Scottish club Rangers set to play at home after their weekend domestic games were also postponed.

UEFA has made no announcement about postponing those midweek matches, and rearranging them would present significant logistical challenges given the compressed schedule the group stage has already adopted due to the FIFA World Cup moving from November to december.

Domestic matches elsewhere in Europe have not been postponed, so the other European Cup competition matches staged outside the UK look set to go ahead as scheduled.

Will the Premier League postpone next weekend’s games?

News reports have suggested that Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral could take place on Monday, September 19.

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The funeral would require considerable police resources, prompting reports that it may be unfeasible to safely resume the Premier League schedule while the period of national mourning continues.

Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester United are among the clubs scheduled to play at home during that weekend’s Premier League roster.

The Premier League said in its postponement announcement that further updates on upcoming matches would be provided “in due course”.

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Is Scottish football postponed next weekend?

Football leaders in Scotland consulted their UK counterparts before agreeing to postpone their national calendar at all levels.

Neil Doncaster, chief executive of the Scottish Professional Football League, seemed to suggest they will be in a similar position to the organizers in England when it comes to games beyond the weekend.

“The passing of the Queen, a constant in our lives for 70 years, is a profound and momentous occasion,” Doncaster said.

“Therefore, it is fitting that professional football marks this event with as much solemnity as possible.

“We will update clubs and supporters when we have clarity on the official arrangements for Her Majesty’s funeral.”

When does grassroots football start again?

With the exception of the date of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, it seems likely that grassroots football will resume as scheduled on the weekend of September 18-19.

Noting that the Queen was the patron of the FA and Prince William is its chairman, the National League said it “fully supports” the decision to postpone matches.

“At this time, fixtures will go ahead as planned from Monday 12 September,” the top tier organizers of the non-league game in England said in a statement on 9 September.

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“We understand that no sporting events of any kind will be permitted on the day of the Queen’s funeral.”

Any logistical issues affecting areas like policing are less likely to affect the base game, which requires fewer resources to hold matches.

When will the postponed Premier League matches be played?

Much attention had already been paid to the hectic schedule that the mid-season FIFA World Cup imposed on the Premier League, which kicked off in early August and aimed to play 16 rounds of matches by the second weekend of November.

League and club secretaries now face an unenviable task of finding slots in the calendar where games affected by the postponements can be replayed.

An international break at the end of September means there are no obvious gaps in the schedule ahead of the World Cup, so the rescheduled games are almost certain to take place in 2023.

A midweek slot during the week beginning January 16 seems like the earliest most likely date that the rescheduled games could take place.

The situation is further complicated by the participation of English teams in European and domestic cup competitions. The scheduled dates for all competitions are already known, so they would be released if the clubs are eliminated by then.

Managers like Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp are rarely shy about raising concerns about match congestion, and it is understood that clubs were sure about the risk of a build-up before the announcement of postponements was made.

There are similarities to the headaches clubs faced from infection outbreaks at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, except there was no six-week break in World Cup form to account for at the time. .

If Premier League matches are also canceled on the weekend of September 17, clubs will go almost a month without playing top-flight games before action resumes on the weekend of October 1 after the break. international.

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