Food science, technology and wages hit their highest level in 20 years, but gaps persist

“East reportis a step in the right direction, providing a roadmap to success that can benefit both veteran professionals and novices in academia, industry, government and consultancy as we connect the global food system. and we come together to promote and advance food science.” Christie Tarantino-Dean, CEO of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), in a press release.

Founded in 1939, IFT has been conducting the compensation survey since 1966. New this year is the IFT professional career surveyto address topics such as job satisfaction, challenges in the workplace, and career trends in general. Both surveys were distributed to nearly 29,000 IFT members and allied companies, drawing approximately 3,000 respondents each.

In 2022, median salaries for food science professionals increased to $110,000 in the ‘candidate’ market

According to the 2022 report, median salaries for food science professionals increased to $110,000, up nearly 16% from $95,000 in 2019. The IFT attributes this to “the biggest jump in 20 years”to a mixture of factors, mainly nested in the demand generated by the “Great Resignation” as a result of the pandemic.

“It is a market of candidates, there is no doubt about that”,said Moira McGrath, president of the food science contracting firm OPUS International, quoted by IFT. “I think the food industry has stepped up and their wages have gone up. They know what they have to pay to get the right candidate.”

According to survey data, top executives remain at the top of the earnings scale with up to $217,000 in reported median annual salaries. Flavor experts led the most technical job categories with $141,000, followed by product managers with $135,000. Microbiologists, sensory evaluation specialists, food scientists, chemists, university professors, and researchers were among those in the lower range of $60,000 to $91,500.

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