Five things to know about Berlin Raceway championship night, points standings

There is only one night left in the 2022 Berlin Raceway season, but much remains to be decided.

The half mile of the Marne hosts its annual Chet Championship Night at 6:30pm, with the track champions being crowned at the end of the night. All of the weekly Berlin Splits, along with Mini-Wedges and a visit from the 500 Sprint Car Tour, will cap off the 72nd Berlin Season. Single function races will be held for each division.

Here are five stories to watch when the green flag drops.

Battle at Berlin 250, August 10, 2022

Billy Shotko bends over to congratulate his son, Evan Shotko, after the Battle of Berlin 250 in Marne, Mi. (Photo courtesy of Eli Kaminski)

1. Evan Shotko is in the driver’s seat when it comes to the Super Late Model division. The 2021 Coopersville High School graduate leads defending track champion Brian Campbell by 41 points, and has won six featured races, including the Battle of Berlin on August 10. In 15 starts, Shotko has 13 top-10s and 10 top-10s. Shotko is looking to join his father, Billy Shotko, as Berlin track and field champion. The old Shotko won three consecutive modified titles between 2012 and 2014.

Super Late Models will compete in a 75-lap feature, with the winner earning $5,000.

Brian Thome Ryan Holtzlander

Ryan Holtzlander (No. 2), battles Brian Thome for the lead in Saturday’s 20-lap Sportsman feature race at Berlin Raceway in Marne, Mi., on April 23, 2022. (Photo courtesy of Eli Kaminski)

two. Saturday could be a magical night for the Holtzlander family. The Holtzlander brothers are looking to take home titles and, although they lead their respective divisions, the standings are close. Ryan Holtzlander has an eight-point lead over defending champion Brian Thome in Sportsman, while Kevin Ford is 34 points behind. Ryan has four wins and 22 top-five finishes in 23 starts.

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The 4-cylinder pilot of the Berlin race track Corey Holtzlander

Corey Holtzlander is the driver to beat in Berlin Raceway’s 4-cylinder division heading into Saturday’s season championship races at Marne, Mi. (Photo courtesy of Eli Kaminski)eli kaminski

Corey Holtzlander is fighting for his fourth 4-cylinder crown in the last six seasons, and he is 18 points ahead of Case Roelofs. Corey finished in the top 10 in the 22 main races and won four times.

Battle at Berlin 250, August 10, 2022

Tim DeVos of Comstock Park celebrates his 100th career win at Berlin Raceway in Marne, Mi., on August 10, 2022. DeVos won the 50-lap Limited Late Model feature race. (Photo courtesy of Eli Kaminski)

3. Limited Late Model driver Tim DeVos has already secured his fourth track championship and first since 2005 when he won the Late Model title. DeVos has a 167-point lead over Tyler Rycenga after winning nine major races along with 20 top-five finishes in 23 starts.

4. The Mini-Wedge division for the 10-14 group is very close. Carter Wolf has a one point lead over Elliott Davis in the title race, while Tyler Davis is 57 points behind. Mason Kriesch has finished the Mini-Wedge 6-9 class.

5. Tyler Roahrig leads the 500 Sprint Car Tour. Roahrig is looking to sweep the wingless Sprint races this season in Berlin. Other drivers to watch include Dakoda Armstrong, who leads Kody Swanson by two points in the standings from six races.

Take a look at the top five in each division below:



drivers Points Difference
1. Tim DeVos 2,135
2. Tyler Rycenga 1,968 167
3.Josh Frye 1,959 176
4. Nick de Longpre 1,784 351
5. Billy Eppink 1,780 355


drivers Points Difference
1. Ryan Holtzlander 1,885
2.Brian Thorne 1,877 8
3.Kevin Ford 1,851 3. 4
4. Scott Baker 1,837 48
5. Korey Ensing 1,538 347


Driver Points Difference
1. Corey Holtzlander 1,714
2. Roelofs case 1,696 18
3. Justin Roelofs 1,662 52
4. Chase Roelofs 1,633 81
5. Nathan McNabb 1,568 146


drivers Points Difference
1. Mason Kriesch 1,588
2. Madison Kriesch 1,388 200
3. Austin Warning 1,203 385
4. Lillian Kriesch 1,080 508
5. Kyle Santora 332 1,256


drivers Points Difference
1. Wolf Carter 1,566
2. Elliott Davis 1,565 1
3.Tyler Davis 1,509 57
4. Binium VanWynen 1,426 140
5. Tanner Greenbouer 1,323 243

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