Final season of ‘Beastars’ begins production on Netflix

Another animated series has been removed from a major platform game, but this time it’s not. Discovery’s from Warner Bros. fault. And at least this show will see some sort of planned ending. The Twitter account of the successful Netflix anime series beasts It recently announced that its third and final season is already in production and will premiere in 2024. While the cancellation was revealed in December 2021, fans can now rest assured that the series will still get its last well-deserved hurrah.

Based on the successful manga by Paru Itagakibeasts follows deep and compelling characters in a world full of anthropomorphic animals, much like Disney zootopia. However, that’s where the similarities end. This adult series deals with heavy topics like depression, intimacy, sexuality, addiction, racism, and human trafficking. The protagonist Legoshi, a teen wolf, must deal with the death of his herbivore best friend while developing feelings for a rabbit named Haru, whom he simultaneously wants to love and kill (Okay, the friendship between a wolf and a rabbit is another similarity). . . In addition to its mature themes and fascinating story, the anime’s animation style has garnered praise from critics and audiences alike.

While most anime projects feature 2D animation, beasts It features an impressive 3DCG style, as well as stop-motion and even pop-up book-style animation. According to the show’s lead English voice actor, Jonah Scott, “Studio Orange has taken incredible care in every frame and shot, and it helps us a lot as viewers and actors. Legoshi’s facial expressions were actually inspired by the performance of the original Japanese actor, such as where his eyes would go and how his lips would purse. When the CGI is done right, and there are some that are not done right, you really get the nuance and that’s why people say this is unlike any other anime they’ve seen before.”

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The anime’s first season has a critical rating of 94% with an audience score of 87% on Rotten Tomatoes, while season 2 has an audience score of 76%. beasts it also received the award for Best Opening Sequence, in addition to eight other nominations, at the 5th Crunchyroll Anime Awards. Season 2 was recently nominated in three categories at the 6th Crunchyroll Anime Awards in 2022, but did not receive a win.

The experimental series is developed by the amazing Studio Orange, which is currently working on the next project. Trigun Stampedea CGI reboot of the classic ’90s action anime of the same name.

Watch the latest season of beasts sometime in 2024 on Netflix.

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