FIA Formula 3 test achieved for Chloe Chambers and Nerea Marti

W-series drivers Chloe Chambers and Nerea Marti completed a one-day FIA Formula 3 test today Saturday 17th September at Nevers Magny-Cours Circuit, France. As in yesterday’s session with Abbi Pulling and Hamda Al Qubaisi, the objective of this test was for Chambers to experience the car, its set-up and the demands of the F3 environment for the first time. It was the second time that Martí was able to get into the car, after a first experience last November, on the same circuit.

Today each driver received three sets of Pirelli slick tyres, with again 2022 FIA Formula 3 Champion Victor Martins serving as benchmark driver and coach, while Magny-Cours Racing School instructor Julien Gilbert , also worked alongside both pilots.

In the morning, Martins set a benchmark lap time before Chambers and Marti took to the track for a couple of installation laps. The session was then made of short runs and data analysis.

The afternoon session opened with two qualifying runs, each on new tyres, followed by a 12-lap race simulation with race set-up and high fuel. A DRS zone located between the corners of Estoril and Adelaide was activated for this long journey, giving drivers the opportunity to understand this device. The day concluded with more data analysis.

Each driver completed a total of 50 laps today.

FIA Formula 3 Technical Director Didier Perrin said: “Today has been another positive day. Both Chloe and Nerea were very focused on work and made the most of this test. We can already see how beneficial it has been for them, but also for Abbi Pulling and Hamda Al Qubaisi.

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“It was very important for us to get feedback from all four drivers about the car, its feel behind the wheel and what we need to consider to make it even better.”

Chloe Chambers commented: “It went pretty well. I definitely learned a lot, made some improvements and it was good to experience this, especially in a car that is so unlike anything I’ve ever driven. It was good to try it.

“The most challenging thing was trusting the car’s grip. I have never driven a car with this much downforce and these soft tyres, especially compared to the W-series car, there are big differences in the amount of side load you can apply to the tyres. That’s something I need some time to get used to.

“It was very nice to drive this car. I have really enjoyed the team and everyone. The car is so amazing to drive. It’s definitely a big step forward, but it’s obviously going to help me in the long run. “It was very beneficial to have Victor here. He is the reigning Champion, so he has shown to have a lot of speed and knowledge. That was shown when he helped train us. I have definitely followed his advice and hopefully apply it to my other W Series races.”

Nerea Marti said: “The day was incredible. I learned a lot. Compared to my test last year, I made a lot of improvements. This year I learned more about how to get the best out of old tires. With new tires I need to put everything together because the Pirelli tires are difficult to master. But I’m very happy, I think I gave it my all.

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“I improved a lot in the fast corners and in the braking. Now I braked later and harder, and in the fast corners I could see that what I was doing was very close to what Victor was doing. I got better throughout the day.

“Victor was able to share his experience with us. He taught us how to properly warm up the tires or how to bring speed into the corners. That was very beneficial, as was having Dennis Hauger with us last year. It is good that they give us some tips to help us understand the car better and progress faster.”

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