Ferrari ‘don’t know’ why they lack race pace

Unable to match Max Verstappen’s pace in recent races, Mattia Binotto says he doesn’t know if Ferrari is not making the most of the improvements or if they have gone in the wrong direction.

Although Ferrari lost points due to mistakes in the first half of this championship, they could take solace in the fact that their F1-75 was on par with Red Bull’s RB18.

That is no longer the case.

While Red Bull’s development path has seen Verstappen take the lead on the track, Ferrari has not been in a position to battle the Dutchman for wins in the last three races.

It is a concern for Binotto as his drivers have lost their pace in the drivers’ standings, Charles Leclerc is 109 points behind with just eight races remaining.

“It’s three races in a row that we don’t have the rhythm on Sunday and I think [Zandvoort] it was a great parallel with Hungary,” Binotto told The Race.

“This weekend we had a good qualifying and we are being competitive. But then in the race we are not competitive enough. And that makes life much more difficult, not only because we can’t fight for the win with Max, but because then we don’t have the pace to keep Mercedes behind.

“It’s already three races where we haven’t produced what our potential should be and what we’ve shown as the potential of the car since the start of the season. And that is something we need to address as soon as possible, because there are a few races left.

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“We are still looking for wins and our intention is to try and win every race, and that includes Monza. We need to react.”

The Ferrari duo Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz battle.  Red Bull Ring July 2022.

But why remains a mystery to Ferrari.

However, Binotto admitted that Ferrari don’t really know why they lack race pace of late.

Bringing updates to the car, some minor as of late, the Scuderia team boss says it could be that the updates have gone in the wrong direction, or that they are not using the performance that the car has.

“Honestly, I don’t know,” said the Italian. “I think it’s something we need to look at.

“Is it the car itself that is not fast enough? Is it the balance of the car that is most difficult and complicated?

“It may be that in one lap you can run fast, but then in a race you lose confidence and you don’t have the right feeling in the car.

“So I don’t know the answer, but certainly the experience of the race gives us more data to analyze because we need to react.

A step back to take a step forward

The Italian edition of reports that Ferrari will return to the floor it ran at the Austrian Grand Prix and conducted benchmark tests in practice on Friday.

Ferrari “grew up in France, then discontinued its development,” the report says.

‘It is likely that comparative tests will be carried out in free practice at Monza, re-proposing the floor that had worked until Paul Ricard.

“We shouldn’t be surprised if we see Venturi channel inlets less oriented towards Red Bull options, just like Verstappen rejected the Ferrari style.”

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