Exploring 7 ways AI is applied to technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an advance in technology that involves programming technology to solve problems. It is the theory and development of computer programs that are capable of performing tasks and solving problems that would traditionally require human intelligence.

These computer programs use their “intelligence” to engage in activities such as decision-making, speech recognition, visual perception, and word translation. AI uses faster chips for deep learning, which is a technique for performing machine learning inspired by the brain’s own network of neurons. AI is already becoming a powerful force in technology that is applied in many ways to many industries.

1. Factory and warehouse systems.

AI-related software has disrupted most aspects of the shipping and retail industries. Artificial intelligence systems have automated the entire shipping process, creating a learning-on-the-fly scenario and making things work faster and more efficiently. Warehouses and factories are becoming safer and more productive as a result of AI interventions.

2. Streaming services

The movies and videos you watch and the music you listen to on its platforms provide users with incredible convenience. That they also provide recommendations for users, based on their choices, is artificial intelligence at work. It learns what your preferences are and then uses algorithms to generate its recommendations.

3. Online shopping

The online shopping industry benefits from AI by employing the same design that streaming services use. Algorithms are combined with user preferences to create recommendation lists. Like the streaming service scenario, the options you’re likely to be interested in are placed directly in front of you, easily accessible, and presented to you without you having to think about them. Amazon and other retailers are always trying to improve their algorithms to learn more about you and your shopping habits.

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4. Health technology

AI has led to the creation of many new tools in various aspects of the healthcare industry. From drug development to diagnosis and patient follow-up, doctors, nurses, support staff and patients benefit and will continue to benefit as AI will undoubtedly continue to spread to other aspects of the industry. .

Speech recognition technology uses AI to make everyday tasks easier.

5. Voice recognition

Siri and Alexa are two well-known examples of voice recognition technology, which is driven by artificial intelligence. Machine learning applications help speech recognition devices learn about users and their preferences to further improve their performance. AI is also used to get answers to user questions or to perform certain tasks.

6. Chatbots

Many websites employ chatbots, who usually show up, introduce themselves, and ask how they can help you. This is the artificial intelligence that strengthens the customer service teams of those companies. Chatbots can answer generic questions without human intervention and can learn and adapt to certain answers and gather more information to fabricate a different result.

7. Educational tools

Students benefit from AI-managed programs such as citation finders and plagiarism checkers. These programs can read the words and then use their vast databases to learn everything about any word instantly. No more jumping between tabs or flipping through a dictionary to make sure words are spelled correctly because the AI ​​has you covered. Likewise, users don’t need to split their copies of Strunk’s Elements of Style to remove any grammatical errors because AI has them covered there too.

AI is the present and it is also the future. He is spreading his knowledge into countless areas of technology and seems to have no limits to the potential applications. It will continue to alter practices across industries, improving the lives of shoppers, patients, shipping managers, healthcare professionals, and just about everyone else.

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Last updated on September 2, 2022.

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