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Noel’s Diary Plot Synopsis

The romantic drama The Noel Diary is now streaming on Netflix and tells the story of a talented writer named Jake Turner, who is forced to explore his past after the death of his mother. Jake visits his mother’s house to settle the matter with his property. A cultured girl named Rachel arrives soon after, looking for her birth mother, when Jake is cleaning his childhood home over the holidays.

Soon after, Jake discovers a hidden journal containing his and Rachel’s history, as well as explanations of his past. Despite coming from different worlds, their experiences are connected by a common thread.

Thereafter, the two go on an adventure together to learn about their history and find out what they have been waiting for this Christmas. Even though Rachel is engaged, there is an instant connection between them that is fueled by their trip to visit Jake’s estranged father in an effort to learn more about Rachel’s mother. Both must face their own struggles and anxieties as their journey takes various turns.

What serves as inspiration for the film?

The romantic drama novel, ‘The Noel Diary’ by Richard Paul Evans, serves as the inspiration for this romantic comedy. Although the writer invented the incidents that take place in the story, he also used elements from his own experiences. Jake, the protagonist, is a best-selling author with a difficult past, similar to Evans’s, who also endured a challenging upbringing.

In the novel, teenager Jake’s mother kicks him out of the house. Evans admitted that his mother had thrown him out at the age of eleven. The difficulties and mental well-being of the author’s mother were reflected in Jake’s mother.

What separates the movie from the book?

As fantastic as the story had already been, the director opted to make some changes while transforming it for the script. Keeping with the core of the book, he cut out anything he felt was too obvious or cheesy and incorporated some elements that gave the characters more nuance.

According to him, the dog Ava was featured in the film and there was no dog in the novel. Furthermore, it was also mentioned that Jake is a mystery writer, which was not the case in the novel. Additionally, the narrative of Jake’s father’s backstory was modified to emphasize the parallels between Jake and his father.

What makes the movie different from other Christmas movies?

Although it is a Christmas romantic comedy film, Shyer intended to tell a story in which the elements are applicable to all people and all seasons. He created something a little more heartfelt, something that delves into the many forms of love, not just romantic love, rather than just another film that showcases the magic and beauty of the festive season.

He was very adamant that the film should end in a particular way. He was told to keep it traditional, which viewers would really want for his two leads, but he opted to stick with something a little less obvious and give the piece more depth.

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Why did Jake suddenly visit his hometown?

Renowned author Jake Turner lives with his dog Ava. He receives a phone call from his mom’s lawyer, who tells him that his mom had passed away the week before and explains how he left her the inheritance. Jake was unaware of this because he hadn’t spoken to his mother in a long time due to his bickering.

What happens when Jake returns to his hometown?

When he returns, he discovers that his mother’s house has become a hoarder’s paradise. When Jake’s mom was having a bad day, he would play in his neighbor Ellie’s basement. Jake now meets Ellie and we learn how the loss of the Turners’ eldest son, 7-year-old Ben, led to the collapse of his home. Ellie wants to join a dating service, so Jake creates a bio for her profile.

Why do Rachel and Jake spend time together?

Jake meets Rachel, a cultured woman he has seen on his property before. She informs him that she is trying to find her mother who lived in her house. Although Jake doesn’t remember her, he assures her that Ellie could tell him what she wants to know about her and that they should wait for her.

Fortunately, luck favors the brave and Ellie has a partner for the night. Jake and Rachel agree not to bother her out of respect, and instead spend quality time having dinner together.

The next morning, they visit Ellie, who is with her lover Ian. Ellie explains that she doesn’t remember much about Noel, however, Jake’s father probably does. Since Jake’s father abandoned him and he hasn’t seen him in years, this notion doesn’t really sit well with him. However, Rachel seems safe to go alone and is ready to go. Suddenly, Jake chooses to go with Rachel after changing his mind.

What happens during your trip?

The trip goes smoothly and we find out that Rachel’s fiancé loves her, but it’s clear that she’s only with him because of the stability he gives her. They decide to stay in separate hotel rooms, and Rachel finishes reading Jake’s novel that night. She is fascinated by his book and claims that, like in her novel, he seems to push everyone away in real life as well. It’s a further glimpse into her psyche, one that becomes clearer as the drama unfolds.

Does Rachel learn anything about her mother from Scott?

Once they arrive at Scott Turner’s house, Jake is hesitant to talk to him, but Rachel convinces him that if he leaves now, he will do exactly what his father did when he abandoned him years ago. Jake spent the whole day with his father, exploring why things developed the way they did.

When Rachel meets Jake’s father, he informs her that Noel was a teenager when she was pregnant. The Turners helped her out by hiring her as a babysitter, and after Ben’s death, she really helped them out. Rachel finally knows how to track down her mother because Scott decided to keep the wedding invitation she sent him.

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What is the source of the conflict in the film?

They both leave, and when they check into a hotel that night, only one room remains. Since it is Rachel’s birthday, the couple succumb to her wishes that night. Jake discovers that Rachel is missing the next morning.

While she expresses how much she appreciates the trip and the experience in a letter, she also states that she wants the security that her fiancé offers. After her biological mother abandoned her, Rachel found it difficult to trust anyone.

Does Rachel ever meet her mother?

Rachel had a nice upbringing with her foster parents. Unfortunately, she could never get over the idea that her mother had abandoned her. She seemed to have no idea who her biological mother was or why she had abandoned her. Rachel seeks security and stability in uncertain conditions.

Also, it’s a lingering dilemma on your mind. Once the time comes for Rachel to accept a commitment that will change her life, she assumes that uncovering the questions surrounding her birth will help her gain clarity. Rachel’s motivation for determining the reality of her biological mother was not to confront the woman, as she simply wanted to know if her mother loved her.

Although all Rachel has to do is make the trip, she has just read Noel’s diary and is relieved to find that her mother hasn’t abandoned her. Rachel no longer feels insecure because Noel really cared for her. Rachel was simply interested in learning the truth about her birth mother’s true feelings for her. She understood her situation because of the trip and her journal, and she received the relief she needed. She didn’t really feel any need to visit her mother thereafter and possibly inconvenience her.

When Jake decides to visit Noel, he expresses his gratitude for everything she did for him and his family. Also, he informs her about Rachel from her and she tells him that if Rachel decides to do it, she would be interested in connecting with her.

Jake and Rachel end up together?

While Rachel is with her parents, caught between her newfound feelings for Jake and the need for certainty that Alan offers, she sees Jake waiting outside her driveway and he declares his feelings for her. Ignoring her feelings, she tells her fiancee that she doesn’t love him from her and he walks away from her with her heavy heart.

Jake is getting ready to return home when the inevitable happy ending occurs. Rachel appears in front of his house, giving the impression that she will be with him. This conclusion implies that the two individuals who struggled to trust each other eventually found each other.

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