EE opens connected clubs offering free soccer sessions for women and girls

EE, the best network in the United Kingdom and a main partner of the football associations of the local nations, has presented Just for fun – an initiative that will see free and fun soccer trial sessions for women and girls at six of EE’s Connected Clubs across all local nations during September and October.

After a summer that saw success for Home Nation during the Women’s European Championship, Just for fun hopes to continue to inspire a new generation of soccer players across the country.

Open to women and girls ages 16-24, each trial session will include a variety of tips and tricks to help new and experienced gamers improve their games and performance. From fun icebreakers to skill and technique training, there is something for every footballer in training. In addition, all participants will be able to put their new skills into practice during the matches.

Each of the two-hour sessions will be led by local coaches, with the first sessions at each club supported by a legend from the women’s team.

Pete Jeavons, Director of Marketing Communications for EE, said: “At EE, we understand the importance of grassroots football clubs in home nations and we want everyone to feel welcome in our Connected Clubs. The Lionesses have helped inspire a new generation of women and girls to consider playing football, and as a lead partner of the Home Nation FA, we wanted to play our part in creating welcoming spaces for these aspiring players to try out or They will even come back. the sport.

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“Just for fun it’s about bringing these players together and giving them a chance to try the game for themselves. As community hubs packed with all the tools and connectivity needed to be successful training facilities, our Connected Clubs are a fantastic place for women and girls to start their football journey.”

For over two years, EE has used the power of football and technology to break down barriers and improve digital, educational and football skills in communities across the UK, while building a network of hundreds of football clubs. base in all Home Nations. A key focus of this strategy is to improve the women’s game and inspire a new generation of girls and women to participate in football, on and off the pitch.

In July, EE revealed its Hope United squad, a team of footballers committed to combating sexist hate online ahead of this summer’s UEFA European Women’s Championship with a series of digital skills on how to take a stand against the problem. EE Hope United aims to help shape a safer online world by giving others the confidence and knowledge to help speak out and end gender-based hate online.

Just for fun opens doors of EE Connected Clubs to aspiring players from 17 Home Nationsthe September.

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