‘Echoes’ on Netflix: the twist ending explained

Warning: This story contains major spoilers for echoesproceed with caution.

Netflix’s latest spooky drama, echoes, has us in a bona fide chokehold. The basic premise was enough to draw us in: two identical twins swap lives throughout their childhood and, as adults, secretly decide to do it again. Yep, that means they even swap husbands and Leni’s daughter Mattie.

When Leni (who is actually Gina) goes missing, chaos ensues as the real Leni deduces what happened. Confused? We don’t blame you. Intrigued to know more? Idem.

Next, we delve into what the end of echoes really meant.

We soon discover that Gina’s disappearance was an attempt to escape Leni and the life swap they originally agreed to do. Gina is convinced that Leni is trying to control her life and hopes to start a new life in Los Angeles.

But it’s not as easy as that. After burning down the house they grew up in with their father inside, the twins come face to face on the edge of a cliff for a final showdown. There, Gina seemingly jumps off the cliff to her death, a last desperate attempt to escape Leni once and for all.

Now under suspicion of murder, Leni decides to flee to Australia, but discovers at the airport that another woman who looks like her was seen there earlier that week. Could it be that Gina is still alive and following Leni in search of more revenge?

In the final moment of the season, Gina’s ex-husband Charlie meets one of the twins, in disguise, at a promotional event for his book in the United States. Charlie confirms to the woman that his wife “committed suicide,” but her body was never found. But when he gets home, a woman in a similar outfit is waiting for him, though Charlie has no idea which of the twins she is.

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He asks her if she just got back from the book event. The woman seems confused and insists that she hadn’t. Ella then asks the unidentified twin why she came back, to which she replies, “So many scores to settle, Charlie. I thought I’d start with you.”

As a viewer, it’s unclear whether Gina or Leni speaks to Charlie in the final scene; is an ambiguous conclusion to the roller coaster series.

It can be frustrating, but there’s a chance we’ll still find out which of the twins it was. Yes (and this is a big if) the series is renewed for a second season.

Netflix has not renewed echoes for the second season yet: It was originally marketed as a limited series, meaning it would only last one season.

That said, the immense popularity of the show is very helpful for a second installment. Following its release on August 19, the show dominated the number one most viewed spot on the Australian platform.

It’s also worth noting that historically other TV shows marketed as limited series to have have been renewed for a second season due to its popularity (hello, the white lotus), so we hope that echoes you can get the same treatment.

Of course, the show’s writer Vanessa Gazy, who reigns from Australia, would need to finalize a script for the second season, but based on her work on the first season, we have no doubt that she’ll produce all the goods for us once again.

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