Drifting Home 2: will there be a sequel to Drifting Home?

This article looks at whether there will be Drifting Home 2, a sequel to the Netflix movie Drifting Home, and it will contain spoilers.

Netflix is ​​back with another anime entry in its catalog. Now available to stream, drifting house tells the story of childhood memories and nostalgia for our past, through the eyes of a boy named Kosuke (Mutsumi Tamura) and his friend Natsume (Asami Seto), who suddenly find themselves adrift inside the complex. the one they grew up in, in the middle of the ocean after a supernatural event swallows them and the building. In the end, we find out that Noppo (Ayumu Murase), a boy who lived in the apartment, is actually a spirit who watched over Kosuke and Natsume when they lived in that building, and who accidentally transported them but didn’t know how to get them back.

drifting house sequel possible release date

No sequel has been announced for drifting house yet, and it is unlikely to happen. However, with Netflix looking to expand their horizons and attract as many people as possible as part of their strategy to survive the streaming wars, it’s always possible that if they consider the movie a hit for them, they’ll go ahead with another one. . The movie was officially announced in September 2021, so if they’re going to announce another one, we’re probably looking at a two-year window, given how long it takes to produce the animation (assuming they haven’t started work on it yet).

drifting house Cast of the sequel: who could be in it?

There are definitely two characters that would need to return: Kosuke and Natsume, which means Mutsumi Tamura and Asami Seto would need to return. It would also be interesting to have Ayumu Murase back as Noppo, especially if the sequel followed the scheme presented below.

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drifting house sequel plot: what could Drifting House 2 be about?

This is my argument for a possible sequel to drifting house. We jump forward 30 years and find that Kosuke and Natsume managed to stay in each other’s lives, to the point that they are now married with three children, ages 6-9. Due to life circumstances, they are forced to move out of their home: the children and Natsume are against it, but Kosuke has to move for work. They are saying goodbye to many memories, as this is also the place the couple have been living in long before the children were born.

However, on their last night in that house, they are once again sucked into an ocean and we discover that Noppo has also been taking care of them in their new house. But once they move in, he will have to say goodbye forever. It is a film about accepting life’s unfortunate circumstances and learning that as long as the family stays together, everyone will have a home. It is also about accepting that the past must remain in our memory, while the future is yet to come; this will also be your goodbye to Noppo.

You can watch this movie with a Netflix subscription.

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