‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Director Calls Florence Pugh ‘Singularly Brilliant’

A still image of Florence Pugh's face in character from 'Don't Worry Darling' with her hands framing her face, showing a shocked expression.

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do not worry honey director Olivia Wilde He had nothing but praise for Florence Pugh in the upcoming film.

Wilde was originally slated to play the title character, Alice, in the satirical thriller. However, the director now says that she “wouldn’t want it any other way” other than for Pugh to direct the lead role in do not worry honeyWilde told the Associated Press.

“I think what Florence did with this role is uniquely brilliant. This character is a heroine for all time. And she, as an actress, is this rare combination of dramatic ability, brilliant comedy, and an action heroine who can run like Tom Cruise. What actress can do stunts and pull off these amazing emotional stunts and do it effortlessly with an accent that isn’t even hers? How are we doing. It’s like juggling upside down on the wing of an airplane.”

do not worry honey centers on a 1950s housewife living in a “utopian experimental community”, according to its IMDb synopsis. Throughout the film, Alice as played by Pugh discovers that something sinister seems to be lurking just below the surface.

The film’s cheeky trailer, which was reportedly censored at the last minute by the Motion Picture Association, has already generated a lot of discussion for do not worry honey. But beyond the content of the film itself, the gossip surrounding the alleged behind-the-scenes drama between its director and stars has also “resulted in a stir that can’t be bought,” as the AP article noted.

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That included the departure of actor Shia LaBeouf, who publicly disputed Wilde’s claim that he was fired from Do not worry honey. Instead, LaBeouf maintains that he left the film.

There was a backlash from people on social media towards Wilde when a video surfaced that appeared to show her begging LaBeouf to rejoin. do not worry honey. Still, LaBeouf has proven to be an unreliable narrator. For example, it was recently revealed that he admitted to misrepresenting his father as physically abusive while raising him for the autobiographical film he wrote, honey boyin which he plays his own father (LaBeouf now disowns honey boy). LaBeouf is also being sued by his ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs for alleged sexual assault, a claim he denies.

The rumor is that Pugh had some kind of disagreement with LaBeouf during the making of do not worry honey. LaBeouf was eventually replaced by Harry Styles in the role of Alice’s husband, Jack.

Wilde, meanwhile, received court papers while onstage at a film convention promoting do not worry honey at the beginning of this year. The envelope of documents from Manila was reportedly related to a custody dispute with his ex-husband, Jason Sudeikis, with whom she shares two children. Wilde is reportedly now in a relationship with do not worry honey star styles.

do not worry honey hits theaters September 23.

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