DIY, ASMR and Body Horror mix in disturbing

Drafthouse Films knows that Collider can’t resist an experimental horror movie, which is why they’ve shared an exclusive trailer for their upcoming film. masking threshold. With a unique take on body horror and a different take on the genre, the film centers on a man who decides to personally examine a ringing in his ears and comes to a terrifying discovery. Drafthouse Films also shared with Collider the release date for the film, which is scheduled for September 30 in major Alamo locations, followed by a digital release on October 7.

the trailer of masking threshold it’s different from most horror trailers you’ve seen and highlights the experimental nature of the project. It highlights the fact that, in his eagerness to decipher how the human ear perceives sound, the protagonist and data analyst will carry out some experiments that involve listening closely to the sounds that everything emits, and how the sound of an object or being is He is affected by everything around him.


The experiments are fun to watch until the trailer reminds us that we’re getting ready to see a body horror, and then you have to brace yourself for whatever sights and sounds come next, from dead animals to sharp objects piercing body parts. And then it gets downright surreal with abstract imagery that we’ll certainly have to watch the movie to understand how it influences the story.

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masking threshold is directed by the Austrian filmmaker Johannes Grenzfurthner, who is frequently acclaimed at horror and independent film festivals around the world. He directed titles like Broken Dreams Glossary Y trace route. The director premiered masking threshold at the 2021 Fantastic Fest, where it was unanimously praised by critics.

In an interview with movie threatGrenzfurthner spoke about the inspiration for the film and revealed some surprising areas it was drawn from to create a haunting story:

“I wanted to create a horror film that combined the conventions of the genre with the aesthetics of an experimental film. That’s why I use camerawork design tools, unboxing videos, science documentaries, and a do-it-yourself YouTube channel to develop sculptural and psychological horror. If we look at the history of the horror genre, it has generated a lot of innovation and never seen before. I can only remind you of the spooky expressionist world of a ‘Nosferatu’, the space trepidation of ‘Alien’, or the almost pornographic body horror of films like ‘Saw’. Time and time again, aesthetic and visual spaces were opened that were not possible or not yet established in other areas of the cinematographic world. At the same time, almost no other genre is so narratively predictable and draws a peculiar potency from the eternal return of the same.”

masking threshold opens in theaters exclusively with Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas on September 30 in major Alamo locations including New York, Los Angeles, Austin, San Francisco, Denver and more. A week later, on October 7, the film will be available digitally across the country.

You can see the trailer below:

Check out the official synopsis here:

Frustrated by a constant ringing in his ears, a paranoid data analyst documents his obsessive attempts to cure his own debilitating tinnitus through a series of home experiments performed in a makeshift laboratory. But as his investigation grows darker and more macabre, a horrible secret behind his maddening condition is revealed with a potential cure more sinister than he ever could have imagined. A deeply philosophical horror film inspired by Lovecraft’s weird fiction and cosmicism, experimental filmmaker Johannes Grenzfurthner takes us on a haunting journey into the paranoia of the human mind to reveal the disastrous consequences of the relentless pursuit of knowledge.

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