Disenchanted Trailer Reveals A Fairytale Life Gone Wrong

In 2007, delighted debuted to critical acclaim and instantly earned its place in the pop culture legacy for its novel and imaginative approach to fairy tales. Almost 15 years later, a sequel will hit our screens with the long-awaited disenchanted. And now, the upcoming sequel has released a trailer.

The trailer follows Giselle (Amy Adams) move to a charming suburban neighborhood with his family, including Robert (patrick dempsey), Morgan (gabriella baldacchino), and your new baby. But not everything is as Giselle would expect, and the eternal optimist struggles to find her happily ever after in the real world, after seeing how easily these things happen in Andalaisa. With some encouragement from Prince Edward (james marsden), Giselle takes things into her own hands. But you know how they say: be careful what you wish for.


The trailer does an excellent job of laying out what to expect from the upcoming movie without giving away too much of the plot. Nostalgia is a key factor in what makes this exciting trailer work with the return of familiar characters that won the hearts of viewers a decade and a half ago.

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delighted followed Giselle, a future princess exiled to New York City from the fairytale land of Andalasia, by her fiancé’s evil stepmother. There she meets the cynical Robert and his daughter, Morgan. Over the course of the film, Giselle learns that true love and ‘Prince Charming’ may well be different than she initially expected. The sequel is set to pick up fifteen years after the events of the first film, giving fans a glimpse of what her ‘happily ever after’ looks like.

disenchanted will also see the return of Idina Menzel like Nancy. Baldachin replaces Rachel Covey as Morgan, Robert’s daughter. The upcoming sequel has also created an impressive list of newcomers including Yvette Nicole Brown, Maya Rudolph, Oscar Núñez, Jayma Mays, Ann Harada, Michael McCorry Rose, James Monroe Iglehart, Y Kolton Stewart.

The sequel will be directed by Adam Shankman who remarkably directed A walk to Remember, and 2007 hair spray Redo. He will direct from a script written by Davis N. Weiss, Jessie Nelson, Y J. David Stem. Shankman also provided the story for the sequel. The original film was directed by Kevin Lima from a script bill kelly.

Wondering what to expect disenchanted? Adams previously revealed that the film will have more song and dance than its predecessor. Also, we know that Rudolph is ready to play villain in the film. Beyond that, unsurprisingly, the finer details of the movie’s story are being closely played out. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait too long as disenchanted will premiere on Disney+ on November 24.

In the meantime, check out the trailer and synopsis below:

“Ten years after their happily ever after, Giselle (Adams), Robert (Dempsey), and Morgan (Gabriella Baldacchino) move into a new house in suburban Monroeville. The community is overseen by Malvina Monroe (Rudolph), who has nefarious intentions for the family. When trouble strikes, Giselle wishes their lives could be the perfect fairy tale. The spell backfires, and Giselle races to save her family and her homeland, the kingdom of Andalusia, before the clock strikes. the midnight”.

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