Digitization of healthcare discussed in Oradea at Eastern Europe’s largest healthcare technology conference

Hospital digitization, robotic surgery or the medicine of the future based on artificial intelligence are some of the topics that will be discussed for almost a week at the SSIMA RE:Imagine Healthcare International Conference on Medical Technology, the largest event of its kind in Europe in the This one, which will take place in Oradea from September 5 to 9. The sixth edition brings together renowned doctors and professors from prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Oxford, John Hopkins, Stanford, Israel, as well as ministers, secretaries of state, heads of hospitals, academics and business leaders.

Also included in the program of the event are two panels dedicated to emergency management in hospitals and investment in the Romanian health system, the latter organized in a round table format with the participation of directors of Public Health, directors of hospitals and institutions of health.

Among the experts who will be present in Oradea are Dr. Marco Zenati, a professor at Harvard Medical School and a cardiovascular surgeon who performed the first surgery with a surgical robot in the US; Natalia Trayanova, a professor at Johns Hopkins University, who developed the only algorithm that determines the risk of sudden death in people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, using artificial intelligence; Dr. Dorin Comaniciu, Global Vice President of the Siemens Health Division; Professor Michael Halberthal, CEO of Rambam Hospital, the largest hospital in northern Israel.

“Innovation in health care in Romania, as well as the digitization of the health system, are in their infancy. Although Romanian IT technologists and doctors are internationally appreciated, winning award after award at the Math, Physics and Computer Science Olympiads, in terms of the medical technology innovation ecosystem, Romania is decades behind other countries. This is also reflected in the level of digitization of our health system, which is also lagging behind. Since 2015, the SSIMA Re:Imagine Healthcare international conference has been helping to bridge this gap, facilitating collaborations between the academic and business community at home and abroad and drawing the attention of international leaders in the field to the potential of this country”, says Dr. Elena Ovreiu, Founder of SSIMA – International School of Imaging for Medical Applications.

The event is organized in collaboration with the City of Oradea, with the support of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, the Romanian Society of Anesthesia and Intensive Care (SRATI), the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization and the Romanian Association of Physicians. The SSIMA RE:Imagine Healthcare Conference is highly patronized by the Romanian Presidency. The founders and organizers of the event are Elena Ovreiu, PhD in medical technology, the renowned Romanian-born Israeli professor Alfred Bruckstein, and businessman George Haber, a native of Oradea and one of the most successful Romanians in the US.

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From the beginning, the conference has benefited from a partnership with Israel’s Technion University, considered one of the best universities in the world.

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