‘Devil In Ohio’ Dethroned In Netflix’s Top 10 For A New Show

Sometimes these changes to Netflix’s top 10 list are pretty easy to see coming, and with the return of Cobra Kai for season 5, it was clear that it would be toppled. whatever I was in first place. In this case, it would be Devil in Ohio, the cult miniseries starring Bones’ Emily Deschanel, which has been at the top for about a week, despite low critical and viewer ratings.

Meanwhile, Cobra Kai has earned near-perfect scores from critics and fans alike, and has proven to be one of Netflix’s biggest success stories since it was bought from YouTube Red years ago. It’s cheap to make, quick to shoot, and its quality hasn’t diminished. Here, in Season 5, John Creese is gone (for now) and Danny takes on Silver instead for the “heart of the valley”, though he worries that Cobra Kai’s influence extends beyond that. There seems to be no real karate tournament during the summer, and the characters are mostly dealing with the aftermath of the last one.

Devil in Ohio, meanwhile, is one of those rare Netflix success stories where no one seems to like it very much, but a lot of people are watching it, almost entirely similar to Echoes, the show it replaced on the list for the week. prior to. Like Echoes, it’s also a one-off miniseries, and you don’t have to worry about getting it renewed for a second season, though I’m guessing it’s not. impossible that Netflix changes the plan and greenlights more cult stories, even if the original book has already been adapted in this case.

There are some more recent additions to the Top 10 list that are not in the top two spots currently held by Cobra Kai and Devil in Ohio. There’s The Imperfects, a monster drama that just debuted at No. 3, and I Survived a Crime, a true crime anthology from Netflix, where they are always quite popular. Dating and Related is Netflix’s newest weird reality dating drama, but that hasn’t come close to the top spot.

Interestingly, and perhaps somewhat surprisingly, following the death of Queen Elizabeth, The Crown has now reappeared on Netflix’s top 10 list, now at #7 in the US. The Royal Family had many, many problems. with that show while it aired as it shows a sometimes sympathetic, but often brutal portrayal of the Queen, her family and her legacy. Ultimately, I’d say it at least humanized her a bit, but the show isn’t done filming, and some of the more controversial periods are yet to come, like Diana’s death and Harry and Meghan’s drama. Reportedly, production on the show was halted in the wake of Queen Elizabeth’s death, partly out of respect, partly so they can figure out how this affects the royal series, no doubt.

I’d expect Cobra Kai to sit at the top of this list for a while yet, but I’ll be curious to see how far The Crown could go now. Stay tuned.

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