Decoupled Netflix Characters, Ranked By Likeability

This is something of a golden age for LGBTQ+ content on television, as the new Netflix series disengaged clarify. Starring Neil Patrick Harris as a man in his 40s who unexpectedly has to start over when his partner leaves him, it is, by turns, hilarious and deeply moving. Like all great series of its kind, and particularly a Darren Star creation, it is populated with a wide variety of characters.

Although there are no true villains per se, it is helpful to examine these individuals through the lens of sympathy, in order to gain a greater appreciation of just how complicated they are.


10 Tyler

Tyler is one of the funniest characters on the series, particularly as he so enjoys teasing Michael about the way his life seems to be falling apart. As a millennial, he sees Michael as too old and too old-fashioned to be much of a threat, which is why he seems to go out of his way to make the other man nervous.

He has an uncanny ability to know exactly what gets under Michael’s skin, whether it’s saying he’s showing his age or that he’s not going to land a lucrative client.

9 colin

From the moment he appears, Colin makes it clear that he will be a fascinating character, possibly one of the best examples of LGBTQ+ representation on television. Although he’s not a villain, it’s clear that he has a lot of trouble really expressing how he feels, particularly with Michael.

And, while he has his own good reasons for quitting, the way he does it, out of the blue, without warning, means he deserves to be seen as one of the least likable characters in the series.

8 James

Jack manages not only to be one of the most likeable characters in the series; he is also one of the best in all aspects. He has lived a long life and has seen many things, and this allows him to be filled with powerful wisdom that he likes to impart to Michael. And while he has clearly suffered a great loss, this does not mean that he is bitter. If anything, he makes it nicer.

In fact, he’s one of those leading the charge in telling Michael that he needs to start moving on with his life and not spend it mired in his own pain.

7 claire

part of what he does disengaged One of the best series currently streaming on Netflix is ​​its plethora of great supporting characters. One of them is Claire, played by the very talented Marcia Gay Harden. Like Michael, she has endured a very rough breakup, in this case from her husband of many years, and this automatically brings her some sympathy.

Also, while she has every reason to be bitter, she proves to be quite capable of opening up and befriending Michael, even though he works for her.

6 Lisa

disengaged is destined to be one of the best LGBTQ+-focused shows on television, and a lot of that is due to the strength of its characters. Lisa, for example, is Michael’s mother.

Although she can tell her son the truth even when he doesn’t want to hear it, it’s clear that she has fully accepted him as he is. She is more upset about her breakup with Colin than he is, and sometimes even seems to like her more. She has a warmth and charisma that make her one of her standouts, even though she only appears in a couple of episodes.

5 Pablo

After the breakup, Michael decides that he needs to resume dating, so he has a one night stand with an Italian businessman named Paolo. Although his adventure is very brief, it is clear that Paolo is a very likeable character. He has a warmth and charisma that make him irresistible to Michael, and he seems to really like him.

Though the two share only one afternoon together, it’s a bond that comes in handy for Michael as he tries to make himself available to other men.

4 Club

Billy is another one of the many great supporting characters that appear in this series. Unlike Michael, who often takes his feelings very seriously, Billy seems to simply enjoy life and the various things it offers. Known for his habit of dating younger men, he also doesn’t seem to get hung up on emotions or feelings or the messiness of life, although he does face some insecurity about how his friends perceive him as shallow or indifferent. narcissistic.

For this reason, it’s often a great balance for Michael, who is criticized for being too thoughtful and taking things too seriously, and his obvious love and support for his friend help explain why he emerges as one of the more likeable characters. of the series. .

3 stanley

Billy is not Michael’s only friend, because he also has Stanley. Although he may be a bit of a cultural snob, it remains true that Stanley is very loyal to Michael, even when the latter doesn’t necessarily deserve it.

He’s willing to talk frankly with Michael about what he’s doing wrong and the mistakes he’s making, but through it all it’s very clear that he genuinely cares about him and wants what’s best for him. In fact, it is very fortunate for Michael to be surrounded by such loving and compassionate friends.

two Miguel

There is no doubt that Michael is one of Neil Patrick Harris’s best characters. He highlights the remarkable complexity of this individual, a man who can be both very warm and friendly and yet relentlessly self-centered and focused on his own great emotions.

However, as the series progresses, he gradually comes to recognize and accept some of the less likeable parts of his personality. Plus, there’s something about the way he re-enters the dating pool that makes him even more inherently likeable.

1 Suzanne

Tisha Campbell brings her considerable comedic talents to the character of Suzanne, Michael’s best friend and co-worker. She is one of the people that she knows she can always count on, no matter what is going on in the world and in her life.

In fact, it is precisely her loyalty to him that makes her so likeable. However, it is also the case that she seems to enjoy life so much that it is impossible not to fall under her spell, and it is clear from the way the other characters respond to her that they also find her very charming and likeable.

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