Dating and Related winner confirms he split from his girlfriend

dating and related winner Kaz Bishop has revealed that he has already split from his on-screen girlfriend Diana just weeks after the show premiered on Netflix.

On the show, he had asked Diana to be his girlfriend and even professed his love for her.

But now, while appearing in the Reality with Will Njobu podcast, Kaz has revealed that not only did he and Diana break up, but they’ve been seeing other people since the show ended.

After the show’s host, Will Njobu, questioned Kaz about his relationship with Diana, he said, “Yeah, so… me and Diana… we’re talking… a lot has happened…”

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“Unfortunately we haven’t had a discussion about it. It was so intense there. Getting out of [the villa] It was another story,” he explained.

“There’s a lot more going on, going back to work. Family issues. We were seeing each other less and less,” he added.

He went on to reveal that he has been seeing other people since the breakup.

“I have had communication with girls and I have spoken with a couple of people but it has not come to anything serious,” he said.

Asked explicitly by the host if they were already together, Kaz said, “We’re not, but we’re excited to see what happens in the future.”

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dating and related is a new Netflix dating show concept in which contestants head to paradise with their relatives, which can be their brother/sister, cousin or step-brother, hoping to find one for themselves.

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Obviously, as misleading as the title may be, no member of the family is supposed to date each other. They are simply there to help contestants find the love of their lives.

dating and related is available to stream on Netflix.

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