‘Dated & Related’ host Melinda Berry was on another Netflix reality show

Netflix’s latest dating reality show is here, and it’s hosted by someone who knows exactly what it’s like to be in the spotlight. dating and related It will feature siblings who are dating and trying to find a mate for each other. (No, they will not go out together). The new series, which hit Netflix on September 2, has a familiar face: its host, Melinda Berry.

You may recognize Berry after she appeared in Season 2 of Too hot to handle where she was the talk of the show for her love triangle with Peter Vigilante and Marvin Anthony. According to page six, She was quickly named a fan favorite for her “intelligent style and beauty and sparkling confidence.” She but she originally entered the show, in which single beauties eschew physical intimacy to win a $100,000 cash prize, with a bit of skepticism and anxiety. “I went in there as myself, but my biggest fear was going in there and nobody wanting me,” she told the outlet. “So I never held my tongue, stayed confident and kept my head up. My personality spoke for me.”

Although he teamed up with eventual winner Anthony, they did not end up together after filming. In the time since she ended the show, Berry has returned to her life as a TikToker and street model before signing on to host the new Netflix reality show. Here’s what you should know about Berry before you tune in dating and related.

Melinda Berry’s Instagram and TikTok

While living in Brooklyn, Berry can often be found strutting down the cobblestone streets of New York City’s Lower Manhattan neighborhoods in stylish clothes and confident enough to handle the amount of attention she attracts. “Sometimes I have a crowd of people applaud me for my walks, or I have people take photos and videos,” she said. Fashion about your content creation. In fact, she doesn’t mind the extra eyes on her as he walks down the street; she even turned the bloopers into a behind-the-scenes TikTok that garnered over 12 million views. “I think she blew up because she showed that I’m just a normal girl who messes up and can have fun with a shoot,” Berry said of the viral video.

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Berry leans on her secret weapon for sprouts. “The secret is confidence – when you have that, your videos will always look amazing. I usually take 10-15 takes just to make sure I have enough to work with when I’m editing later.” She models her runway prop after her favorite models Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks.

Berry often mentions her height as a limiting factor in her modeling career, with her Instagram bio stating, “I created my own runway which I’m not too short for.” Even if traditional modeling houses haven’t signed her, she is a client of Creative Artists Agency (CAA), a major talent agency.

Berry’s TikTok and Instagram videos are conceptualized and created by her, but the inspiration originally comes from the music she listens to. “All my ideas come from the music I listen to, from Beyoncé and Megan Thee Stallion to Leikeli47,” she said. Fashion. The content creator even has a playlist titled “Catwalks” that houses all of her current musical obsessions and provides the starting point for her new projects.

Melinda Berry’s family

Berry is not very open about her family and rarely posts photos of them on her public social media profiles, but Netflix’s announcement about her hosting dating and related cited that she has 14 siblings, making her the perfect choice for the chaotic dating show focused on the sibling dynamic.

Melinda Berry Marital Status

After his breakup with too hot to handle Co-star Marvin Anthony, Berry confirmed in July 2021 that she was not dating fellow love triangle member, Vigilante, though she regretted not putting more effort into their courtship. “When I first saw the episodes, I almost cried a little bit,” Berry said. page six. “I wish I could have put all my time and effort into Peter, instead of going after Marvin. That’s my only regret.”

Since the show aired, she and Vigilante have remained friends, though Berry has dismissed any rumors of a rekindled romance. And while a lot can change in a year, Berry has kept quiet about any new boyfriends in her life.

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