Datamaran announces data collaboration with JP Morgan to offer AI-powered technology to monitor material ESG issues

JP Morgan works with Datamaran to integrate data-driven and dynamic dual materiality into its ESG integration process

LONDON Y NEW YORK, September 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Datamarana leading ESG (environmental, social and governance) risk management platform, today announced a collaboration with JP Morgan to provide insights on investment opportunities using a dual materiality approach to ESG integration, delivered through the new platform J.P. Morgan Digital,”ESG Discovery.

Datamaran (PRNewsfoto/Datamaran)

Datamaran (PRNewsfoto/Datamaran)

Ranked as the top global research company by institutional investor, JP Morgan will leverage Datamaran to power ESG Discovery, its digital platform that enables investors to obtain timely, high-quality information on material ESG risks and opportunities at both company and industry levels on an ongoing basis, supplemented by input from the Equity Research team from J.P. Morgan. .

ESG Discovery uses Datamaran’s proprietary technology to establish a first-of-its-kind ESG integration process based on dual materiality, which considers the importance of ESG issues from two perspectives: financial and impact materiality. Datamaran has worked with JP Morgan to create its own materiality assessment models, using data from corporate disclosures, mandatory regulations, voluntary policy initiatives, and online media. Together, these sources capture sentiment signals and anticipate which emerging themes are poised to impact financial markets.

Datamaran is a global leader in technology solutions for data-driven materiality and ESG risk management, providing the first dual materiality application. Powered by artificial intelligence, it brings a dynamic approach to materiality, risk management, board oversight and reporting on ESG-related issues. The world’s leading companies trust Datamaran to understand and control ESG risks and opportunities and help C-suite executives gain a clear position and strategy.

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“ESG Discovery will provide JP Morgan industry analysts with the unique ability to assess ESG issues according to clients’ own ESG priorities, providing insightful, fundamental and forward-looking views on ESG performance, which are increasingly important to our clients”. said Sophie Warrick, Head of EMEA Equity Research and Co-Head of Global ESG Research, JP Morgan. “We believe the dual materiality approach meets the diverse and rapidly evolving needs of our clients by addressing a wide range of ESG investment strategies, from ESG integration to impact investing.”

With growing recognition and adoption, the dual materiality framework helps ensure alignment between financial markets and sustainability-oriented policy goals such as the Paris Agreement.

“For the past seven years, C-Suite executives have relied on Datamaran to dramatically improve how they approach ESG.” said Datamaran CEO Marjella Lecourt-Alma. “We are delighted that JP Morgan is using this unique approach to accelerate strategic business opportunities in ESG through ESG Discovery. Analyzing material risks from a broader financial and sustainability perspective is becoming standard practice for investors and businesses, and both need a credible, robust, technology-enabled process to achieve this.”

This framework enables more dynamic and forward-looking ESG information by exploring the links between financial and impact materiality. In addition to incorporating Datamaran’s analysis into its proprietary model, JP Morgan Equity analysts will use the platform to monitor emerging issues and identify those that may impact financial markets in the future.

About Datamaran

Datamaran is the only software analytics platform in the world that identifies and monitors external risks, including ESG. In addition to being trusted by top-tier companies and top-tier partners, it has been recognized as a best practice by European regulator EFRAG for providing a data-driven business process for materiality analysis and risk monitoring. At home – anytime. Datamaran’s proprietary technology delivers real-time analytics on strategic, regulatory and reputational risks specific to your business and value chain.

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