Dandy Technology presents its robots for lawn care

Simple, eco-friendly, automated weed control for everyone

BOSTON, August 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Dandy Technology announces the debut of its Dandy DT-01 and DT-01XL lawn care robots. The Dandy DT-01 family takes the hassle out of weeding your lawn by combining AI, GPS, and visual processing with a state-of-the-art robotic platform to create the first robot specifically designed to weed your lawn. These robots will have a retail price of $699.99 Y $899.99 and will hold ¼ and 1 acre lawns, respectively. The Dandy DT-01 will ship in November and is now available for pre-order in a limited quantity. Full production for the DT-01 and Dandy DT-01XL will be available in the first quarter of 2023.

“Our incredibly talented team of engineers have created something truly unique that will benefit anyone who owns a lawn,” he said. Peter Wokwicz, CEO of Dandy Technology. “Our customers will no longer have to waste time and use excessive chemicals to maintain their lawn,” Peter continued, “With our robots, all it takes is running the robot every few weeks during the growing season to maintain its lawn practically free of weeds. -free.”

Dandy Technology’s robots are saving the environment compared to traditional weed removal methods. The Dandy DT-01 family uses up to 90% less chemicals by recognizing and attacking individual weeds and spraying them with a localized stream. Because the robots use ready-to-use herbicides, customers can use location-specific herbicides or choose to eliminate non-organic herbicides in favor of organic solutions for a totally safe, weed-free lawn. Keeping your lawn in a weed-free state requires two or three passes at the beginning of the season with maintenance passes as needed.

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Driven by an app-based approach, these robots pair with your smartphone to make maintaining your lawn easy. Using the application, available for iOS or Android, the user can configure a geofence with access/no access zones for his garden, receive updated information on the water and fertilizer needs of the lawn, obtain the status of the robot, receive notifications. when it is safe to return to the lawn and even ask for herbicides. The app is free and will be available when the robot ships.

These robots include the following features:

elegant dt-01

Dandy DT-01XL

Turf area (single race)

Up to ¼ acre (10,890 sf)

Up to 1 acre (43,560 sf)

patio slope

up to 15°

up to 15°

target weeds

Common broadleaf weeds including dandelions, clover, chickweed, etc.

Common broadleaf weeds including dandelions, clover, chickweed, etc.

Herbicide distribution

0.5L tank with motorized pump

1.2 L tank with motorized pump

browsing behavior

“Corn Rows” with Bumpers for Obstacles

“Corn Rows” with Bumpers for Obstacles

perimeter control

GPS with geofence drawn by the app

GPS with geofence drawn by the app


Up to 50 feet/minute

Up to 50 feet/minute

Type of load

Plug-in AC adapter

Plug-in AC adapter

execution time

up to 3 hours

up to 6 hours

battery capacity




Wi-Fi (including firmware and feature updates)

Wi-Fi (including firmware and feature updates)

Dandy technology is a Boston, Massachusetts robotics company based on the use of cutting-edge robotics and software to alter the space of the lawn and garden. In addition to saving time and money, Dandy’s consumer and commercial products are much greener than traditional solutions. To learn more about Dandy, its products, and its mission, visit dandytek.com.

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