Crow’s reboot is getting closer to actually happening

end halloween Merch shows off a grim new look for Michael Myers’ iconic mask. handmaid’s tale will return for a sixth and final season. solar opposites is getting a Halloween special. Also, what’s coming alien residentand a new look at Amazon’s version of William Gibson the peripheral. To me, my spoilers!

Crow's reboot is getting closer to actually happening

The Raven

According to THR, the upcoming reboot of The Raven It will be “the first major international production to be filmed at the new Penzing Studios, a recently opened background studio on a former air force base in Penzing, 30 miles west of Munich, Germany. The entire virtual production of The Crow will take place in Penzing, with location shoots in Prague and Munich. The production will also do most of its VFX and digital asset creation work in Bavaria, Germany.”

end halloween

Trick or Treat Studios is now offering a fire-damaged, mold-encrusted Michael Myers mask if you make a listing to see just how crusty and gross the character will look in end halloween. Click to take a look.

Ghost Halloween: The Movie

Related, Christopher Lloyd’s Ghost-Possessed Christmas Decorations Haunt Kids in New Trailer for Ghost Halloween: The Movie.

meet cute

Meanwhile, time-traveling Kaley Cuoco repeatedly murders her former self to spend the same night with Peter Davison. pete davidson — over and over again in the trailer for dumb cute.


Deadline informs a teletubbies reboot narrated by The Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtTituss Burgess will premiere on November 14 on Netflix.


THR is also reporting that Omar Sy will star in a live-action adaptation of Yasuke on Netflix. Based on “the real-life African man brought to feudal Japan under slavery who became the country’s first non-Japanese samurai,” the five-part event series will be written by Nick Jones Jr., lead writer on the adaptation. animation from last year.

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The Handmaid’s Tale

According to TV Line, The Handmaid’s Tale will end with its sixth season next year.

A sinister Halloween special, terrifying and solar opposites

Deadline also reports solar opposites will enjoy a Halloween special this October 3 on Hulu.


Goalkeeper refuses to follow his own plan in the synopsis for “Distraction Action,” which will air on October 5.

Archer has a brilliant plan to evade capture. There is only one problem, he refuses to follow him. Written by Miles Woods.

[Spoiler TV]

Little devil

A dirty plate raises hell in the synopsis for “Domestic Disturbance VIII,” the October 6 episode of Little devil.

Laura and Chrissy’s disagreement over a dirty plate turns into an all-out war between mother and daughter. Written by Darcy Fowler, Seth Kirschner and Kieran Valla.

[Spoiler TV]

alien resident

Spoiler TV has photos from “Cat and Mouse,” next week’s episode of alien resident. Click to see the rest.

Photo: SyfyPhoto: Syfy
Photo: SyfyPhoto: Syfy
Photo: SyfyPhoto: Syfy
Photo: SyfyPhoto: Syfy
Photo: SyfyPhoto: Syfy

quantum leap

NBC has finally released a full trailer for their quantum leap reboot, which opens on September 19.

Interview with the Vampire

AMC has also released a sexy new trailer for its interview with vampire series that premieres on October 3.

the peripheral

Finally, Chloe Grace Moretz stars in a new series based on the work of William Gibson the peripheral Premiere October 21 on Amazon Prime. art by Jim Cook

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