Courtney Love reacts to her iconic fashion moment by going viral

the hole singer Courtney Love He recently shared an Instagram post and reacted to the TikTok trend based on his iconic 1998 MTV Video Music Awards speech.

TikTok has changed the dynamics of social networks and has introduced many new concepts in our lives, especially in recent years. As everyone knows, on TikTok, certain songs, dance moves, and quotes go viral from time to time, and millions of users record short videos based on this popular sound.

by Courtney Love speech at the MTV Music Awards in 1998 it also became one of the sounds that went viral on TikTok, and thousands of videos were recorded with it. The videos are explicitly shot in a format in which a group of women lip-sync to the aforementioned speech and show off their fashion style to the camera.

According to Courtney’s statement on Instagram, she gave this speech because her outfit at the Oscars was criticized for being ‘sassy’ and branded. During her speech, Love said that she doesn’t want to follow a rule set by men, that women must be free dress what they want, and that fashion is in the DNA of women. After this statement went viral on TikTok, Courtney Love shared an Instagram post in response.

Stating that these videos made her and her friends ‘scream for joy’, Love said that she was very angry during that speech because she had to talk about it repeatedly at the time. She claimed that they he canceled it for ‘rocker’ just because he wore designer clothes at the Oscars. She ended the caption by saying that she loves Generation Z and humorously noted that she 1998 “can go sit in the goddamn corner in a dumbass cap.”

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Here’s Courtney’s fashion statement going viral:

“Well, you know, the problem with fashion is that proletarian male rock critics have a real problem with Bruce Springsteen with themes like denim boomers. We as women have thousands and thousands of years of fashion in our DNA. We want to wear pretty shitty clothes; it’s part of what we do! If you get the opportunity to go to the Oscars in a fabulous dress and be absolutely fabulous, you’re going to take it. I don’t have to like hearing a rule. Who made that rule? A silly guy.

Courtney responded to TikTok trends in the caption of her latest Instagram post as follows:

“This is trending on TikTok and all my friends are screaming for joy.

In case you’re all wondering why I sound so ‘strident’ in my ‘rant’ (angry response) to the 999 snide questions from the press about how my ‘sold out’ status is due to wearing a hashtag to the Oscars.. It’s because I broke.

Yeah. Gen Z, you won’t believe us, but yeah, seriously, there was a time when dressing beautifully and thoughtfully for an event with a designer you loved meant you weren’t a real rock musician.

1998: You can sit in the fucking corner in a donkey cap.

All of you are cute AF.”

Unfortunately, interventions on the female body did not stop in the 1990s. Courtney is probably delighted that a speech she gave has allowed women to express their fashion styles on social media, especially in a social context where the politics of the female body has been so widely discussed.

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