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Corral Technologies Livestock Wearable System Enables Virtual Fence Crossing

Corral Technologies, a Lincoln, Neb.-based startup, has developed technology that will allow ranchers to track their cows, virtually cross fences and remotely move cows, ultimately creating healthier pastures. (Corral Technologies)

LINCOLN, Nebraska— As ranchers know, fencing their grazing operations is a huge cost and time-consuming work. While it may be fixing a fence, building a new fence, or implementing more Intensive grazing plans that require moveable fencing can cost about two dollars per foot. Nope the fence is only affecting the results of the ranchers due to the investment in dollars, but also due to the time investment. Fencing projects can take weeks to complete and require many hands on deck.

More than a year ago, Corral Technologies, a startup based in Lincoln, Nebraska, started developing technology that will allow ranchers to track their cows, virtually cross fences, move cows remotely and ultimately create healthier pastures.

“Being able to help ranchers like my own family is an exciting opportunity. my goal is to help ranchers gain as much time as possible by reducing the amount of work they need to do each day and increasing their income every year”, says Jack Keating, Founder and CEO of Corral Technologies.

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Using Corral’s virtual fence technology, operators can view real-time pasture utilization and predict future acreage needs. Its advanced system allows anyone with access to a phone, computer or tablet to create new cross fences or move your cattle from anywhere. Ultimately, this is saving the producer time and money. Corral is committed to helping ranchers face the challenges with tomorrow’s technology.

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Corral will work with ranchers across the country in late 2022 to implement Production units. We hope to work with a wide variety of ranchers, and we cannot hope to help as many as possible.

“Corral Technologies will launch a limited number of production units in December 2022. In 2023, Corral plans to bring its virtual fencing system to ranchers across the country. Virtual FHeating is the core technology Corral provides to ranchers, however other features including heat screening, calving alerts and health alerts will be integrated into the system in the coming years. farmyard The goal is to help farmers live a better life, so we must squeeze as much as we can out of our devices,” Keating States.

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