Construction has officially begun on Virginia’s new soccer facility

Things are happening at the McCue.

On Friday, Virginia offensive line coach Garett Tujague tweeted a picture of work at the practice fields, the location of Virginia’s new independent football facility.

“It’s happening,” the UVA assistant tweeted.

The Cavaliers announced the new $80 million, 90,000-square-foot football operations center at a groundbreaking ceremony in June.

“This is a great, great day,” University of Virginia head football coach Tony Elliott said at the time. “It’s a great day, and it’s a historic day, really, for the institution, for the sports department, for the soccer program.”

“Soccer has a special place at UVA, and now our soccer program will have a very special place to call home,” said University President Jim Ryan, one of the speakers at the opening ceremony.

Football was behind in regards to ACC’s competitors, but this new building allows the staff to show recruits that they are committed to their future. The lack of one has hurt the UVAs down the road.

They have used many things [against Virginia],” Elliott said, “and I think that time is going to come to an end. It’s our job as a staff to make sure we properly educate the recruiting base and fan base on what Virginia football is all about.

“We know we have work to do, but we are confident that we have a product to sell that is better than any other in the country. All we have to do is put the young people on the Grounds, and once they see the direction, once they realize and understand the vision that I have for this program, we can change their perspective and ultimately the people will win. He won’t be able to use the things they’re using against us right now.

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“This new building provides us with another opportunity to further align with the vision of Coach Elliott’s model program,” linebacker Nick Jackson said during his speech. “We cannot thank you enough for the opportunity you have given us. This is an amazing time to be a Hoo.”

“Facilities or not,” Elliott said, “I’m excited that this is the place I found and got confirmation that it was the right place for me to lead. And now that we have the facility commitment, now we can really, really, really work to try to build the model program in college football.”

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