Colorado State Football Stuns Nevada With Last-Second Field Goal

RENO, Nev. — A great campaign.

Naturally, it was Tory Horton who made the big plays to give the Colorado State football team a chance to win.

CSU’s offense was rotten throughout the game, but in a tied game with 2 minutes remaining, Horton turned a short pass into a 26-yard gain. He then caught a 6-yard pass to give Michael Boyle the opportunity for a long, game-winning field goal.

Boyle was hit on his first down from 48 yards, which went wide. The penalty caused CSU to go up 5 yards for a 43-yard attempt.

Money. Her kick went up into the air, seeming to hang in the air forever. Boyle knew he was on target, but he needed to make sure he had the distance before running off to celebrate.

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