College football becomes a passing league

Week zero of the 2022 college football season kicked off yesterday, with Northwest Y Nebraska like the morning marquee game in Fox. I tuned in to watch some good old fashioned, smashing, ground and pounding football. Instead, I was welcomed into the new era of college football: Both teams’ quarterbacks had 200 passing yards at the half.

You read that right, and we’re both thinking “what’s going on?” When I think of Nebraska, tom osborne comes to mind. Huge corn-fed offensive lines, optional running game and gill turner. But times change and Scott Frost has decided to enter the temporary frenzy.

In the offseason, Frost hired offensive coordinator brand whipple away from Pittsburgh, and landed Texas QB transfer Casey Thompson. Frost no longer calls offensive plays, leaving Whipple to install the offensive scheme he had in Pitt last year. Pitt’s top-10 offense was eighth in the nation in passing yards in 2021, amassing 337 yards per game.

Whipple’s Husker offense came out with a Eight-play scoring and 70-plus yards in just over two minutes to open the game. Although it was ultimately a losing effort for Nebraska, Thompson threw the ball 41 times for 355 yards.

Not to be outdone in the passing game, Northwestern’s transfer QB ryan hilinski shot 38 times for 313 yardseven though Northwestern ran the ball 15 times in a row to freeze the game. So he looks like a third year OC. Mike Bajakian has found the quarterback also runs Northwestern’s scheme, after finishing last in the Big Ten in scoring offense in 2021.

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The result of this game was 993 total yards of offense in a Northwestern–Nebraska gameme! Friends, we have crossed the Rubicon.

Nebraska Football News Twitter

Who would have thought that Scott Frost would embrace an airstrike in Nebraska?

College football as we know it is being hit by changes in every direction. The transfer portal, NIL, pass-heavy offensive schemes and the money-driven realignment of the conference. We saw state of michigan contract mel tucker, which went wild on the transfer portal and made them a Top 10 team in their second season. That earned Tucker a new fully guaranteed $95 million contract! Nowadays, if you hire a smart head coach, use the portal and NIL, and bring in a passing game guru for an OC, you’ll be able to rebuild a team very quickly.

This same scenario hits home for the Ducks in week four when they visit Washington state. new head coach jake dicker has gone all out in immediate offensive review, signing QB cameron neighborhood outside the FCS school portal Incarnate Word. Ward brings his 4,648 passing yards with 47 TDs from last season to Pullman. But Dickert hasn’t stopped there; he has also hired the head coach of Incarnate Word Eric Morris like his OC. That combo makes the offense instantly lethal.

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This passing trend will only continue. QBs and WRs are coming to college with more polished skills than ever because of high school’s seven-on-seven passing leagues. The portal will see more quarterbacks moving to schools where they can be the guy, which will lead to fewer quality quarterbacks hiding on elite team rosters.

Gary Breed Love

Coach Dan Lanning added depth with the transfer of legacy player Chase Cota.

Ducks coach dan lanning he has played this game to some extent since becoming head coach. contract Kenny Dillingham, a brilliant young offensive mind, like his OC. Already equipped with two first-rate QBs, he took three years as a starter SECOND Quarterback bo nix outside the transfer portal, along with WR chase bound Y caleb chapman. To top off his charge on the offensive side of the ball, Lanning added RB Noah Whittington Y Markise Irving.

The Ducks’ offense promises to be something I have not seen in Eugene in years, with depth we have never viewed. Will the Ducks pick up the ball 40+ times per game and average 500+ yards per game? Based on what I just saw the Huskers and Wildcats do, I think Duck fans better buckle up.

Duck fans, what do you think of the explosion of the passing game in college football? Are you satisfied with the portal moves Lanning has used to add to the offense? Please share your thoughts on the OBD FORUM!

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