Colin Cowherd says this NFL contender is not a legitimate Super Bowl threat

Colin Cowherd: “Philadelphia is playing great football right now, but you can be fooled in this league. You see it in college football all the time when you play in a weaker conference and play on a weekend schedule. If you’re brutally honest, there are only four teams that can win it. The Chiefs and the Bills are obvious. The NFC is weaker, so you have to have Brady and all those Bucs players. And the Niners are five top-level starters short and are still physically pushing everyone in the league. When the Niners bounce back, it’s the best roster in the league. Garoppolo has already made a Super Bowl and the NFC was much more difficult the year he did. It is VERY open now. Then there are the Eagles. I think the Eagles, like the Sixers and like the Mets are cheating on you. The Mets don’t have the hitters, I don’t trust the chemistry, or the health of Harden or Embiid for the Sixers, and let’s be honest about the Eagles … Buffalo is 5-6 short of high-end starters, Pro Bowlers. San Francisco, similarly, is missing its best safety, its best corner, two defensive linemen, a Hall of Fame left tackle and a star running back. Philly is healthy. They’ve had breaks with the weather, it’s a run team and they’ve been lucky with a couple of soggy games. Last year they got into the playoffs and cheated on us. They were 9-8 last year, but what were they against playoff teams? They were 0-6, and at one point in that playoff game against Tampa they were down 31-0. Do you think it’s a Super Bowl team? They are healthy, have had a weather break and have yet to play from behind in the second half of a football game. We know Buffalo can play from way back, we’ve seen Kansas City play from way back, we know Brady plays way back, we’ve seen Garoppolo get past Rodgers at Lambeau as an underdog. Philly is a great story, they have great momentum and a great young player on the rise at quarterback, but a Super Bowl team with a trophy? This team was beaten in the playoffs last year. This team has not lost in the second half. They’ve gotten breaks against the weather. They are much healthier than all. Not that they are fool’s gold: I think they will win their division and win 12-13 games; it’s a REAL team… But Nick Sirianni never came close to winning a playoff game. Will we put him in there with Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Andy Reid, Josh Allen? I just can’t, not yet.” (full segment above)

Clock Colin Shepherd explain why he doesn’t think the Philadelphia Eagles are a legitimate Super Bowl contender even though Philly is the last undefeated team in the NFL.

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Look at the segment above as Colin details why he still can’t put the Eagles on the same level as the Chiefs, Bucs, Bills and 49ers.

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