Cognosos is the first to launch OnSpot technology for mobile devices; Simplify real-time vehicle location data throughout the auction process

ATLANTA–(COMMERCIAL WIRE)–Cognosos, a leading provider of real-time asset location (RTLS) solutions, today launched the mobile version of its OnSpot technology that helps the automotive auction industry streamline workflows, reduce costs and gain competitive advantage. This powerful technology alleviates the difficulties and challenges of ensuring all cars to be auctioned are in their assigned lanes on auction day and brings functionality to teams in the field by simplifying, and in many cases eliminating, manual tasks.

Mobile OnSpot brings vehicle location visibility to mobile devices and, along with the system’s geofencing capabilities, helps teams easily locate vehicles in their assigned lanes prior to auction day. It also directs them to the location of vehicles that are not in their lanes, as well as those that are at risk of missing their assignments. This data reduces the much-needed time and effort involved in the time-consuming tasks of preparing for an auction, while maximizing revenue potential by reducing the chance of vehicles losing the auction due to incorrect or missed lane assignments.

“The auction landscape is increasingly competitive, exacerbated by labor shortages and rising labor costs,” said Adrian Jennings, director of products for Cognosos. “Maximizing the sales and performance of an auction facility requires careful orchestration and planning to efficiently move vehicles through the auction processes. Recognizing that auctions are being forced to do more with less, Cognosos OnSpot mobile enables auctions to simplify operations, uncover opportunities for greater efficiency and increase revenue.”

Cognosos’ lightweight RTLS technology can be easily implemented and integrated with existing auction management software, fetching descriptive attributes for all vehicles on the lot and displaying them along with current and accurate location information.

Cognosos mobile technology provides the following capabilities:

  • Instantly locate specific vehicles or groups of vehicles in remote lots and on site

  • Track vehicles through auction processes such as registration, condition, mechanical and detailed reports.

  • Make sure vehicles are on point before auction day to eliminate consequences

  • Trigger alerts and events when unexpected vehicle movements occur

  • Take advantage of tags designed specifically for vehicle tracking without the use of an OBD port

  • Visualize data with a powerful analytics dashboard and metrics related to vehicle movement and patterns

  • Integrate with existing auction management systems to view complete vehicle data in one place

Cognosos OnSpot mobile technology is now available. For information or to schedule a demo, email us.

Meet the Cognosos team at the National Association of Auto Auctions’ annual convention taking place September 6-8 at the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas.

About Cognos

Cognosos is paving the way for the next generation of real-time location systems (RTLS). Supporting the biggest brands in industries like healthcare, automotive, logistics, and manufacturing, Cognosos technology has been used to track over 4 million assets. Cognosos’ cloud-based software and ultra-light footprint offer an unmatched combination of price and performance, reducing time to value, increasing return on investment, and removing traditional deployment barriers of legacy systems. For more information visit our website or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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